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Places x 10
The Tossed Salad - Restaurant [AAA] - Ed Wan [O/M], Owner - Staffed entirely by ex-cons convicted of gang on gang murder, the owner hires parolees right out of prison who had dedicated developing their culinary skills into sheer genius while incarcerated. AND MORE....
NPCs x 14
Dreadhorn [F/T] - Vengeance Assassin - A woman of too many faces to count, she is hired to research the target, find their greatest love, best friend or family member, and slay them in as horrible a manner possible. With no moral compass, anyone is game. AND MORE....
Quotes x 14
“I tell them to enlarge their skulls to fit the new brain but, no, cram it in they say. Whatever. Just give me my fee and here's some free fucking aspirin.” Dr. Goode, from ‘Square Peg, Round Hole: The Funny Side Of Cybersurgery’, p. 2068.  AND MORE....
Corps x 3
LandLove Reclamation - Landfill Reclamation - Aresti Edmiston [M/T], CEO - Using gargantuan machines with millions sorting drones and nanos, they extract every possible resource out of a fill, resulting in ultra-toxic sludge they dump back in the hole.   AND MORE....

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Places x 12
Gamma Sun - Large Nightclub [Z] - Corroded Soul [F/T], Owner - For the cyberzombie who went way deep into the hole, the rusted, decaying Hell dungeon constantly emits radiation from the ceiling that the CZ’s seem the get high off of. AND MORE....
NPCs x 15
Maira Olegario [F/H] - Fair Witness - Conditioned since birth to report the absolute facts of a situation, her treatment appears to be wearing off, which makes her an immediate target for elimination despite the heavy investment.  AND MORE....
Quotes x 26
“I still want the record to show that I beat the living shit out of that donkey.” Dill Wart [O/M], In a rambling police statement after a drunken miscommunication at The Screaming Asses’ 'Donkey Punch' night.  AND MORE....
Corp x 8
Yummy Now - Candy Delivery Services - Valeri Valderrama [F/O], CEO - Similar to other specialized drone delivery services, this company stands out because is has been used several times by runners to rain Skittles on their enemies during combat. AND MORE....

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Places x 19
Helpbrewski - Small Bar [C] - Dr. Naimah Kolokotronis [F/H], Owner - Staffed with actual skilled bartenders who listen and often advise, drinks are extremely expensive, but also is hiring a staff of booze slinging empaths and psychologists. AND MORE.
NPCs x 26
Randell Belitz [M/O] - Transit Authority Cop - While still willing take a bribe, the poor guy has been shot 7 times (that’s incidents, not bullets) protecting people at his tense subterranean post. He’s starting to get a little pissed at this.   AND MORE.
Quotes x 18
“I got so many Colt M23s crammed into my bathroom alone that I have to shit in the yard. The neighbors don’t complain, probably because of all the Colt M23s I got crammed into my bathroom.” - Finnick, Fence AND MORE.
Corps x 4
Logic Stalkers - Think Tank - Menestheus Murakami [M/H], Director - With the goal of making logical sense of the world, they’ve been accused of hacking systems to use their processing power. They also maintain their own quantum network. AND MORE.

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Places x 19
Liberty Pizza - Restaurant [Z] - Cavalier [M/H], Owner - Sure as FUCK better be flashing your AMERICAN FLAG with FIFTY STARS or the patrons of this wasteland establishment will SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE. But, man, a choice of over 60 toppings! AND MORE.
NPCs x 6
Nancy Queen [F/O] - Loan Shark - Passing through collecting debts from some of the wealthiest people in town, which kinda’ makes you wonder exactly how wealthy these people actually are. AND MORE.
Corps x 3
Tempest Entertainment - Vilma Sying [F/O], CEO - Forefront of orichalcum infused electronics they claim invokes a 'magical sim experience'. Recently hired renowned alchemist Andres Icaza right out from under another corp. AND MORE.


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