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Updated: 2020-01-18

2019-01-18: Got a major sewer arc going on.  Have fun with Maps #022: Sewer.

2019-12-19: If you blackout from BTLs or beer, you may very well end up waking up at 3:00 am, hanging out with those who always end the night in a gutter. Meet the scum of the social ladder. Blackjack's People #162: Evening's End

2019-12-05: Beneath the gun happy sewers just below street level, and the more mysterious sewers below that, lie the deep sewers.  Best of luck getting through.  Blackjack's People #161: Deep Sewer Dwellers






Maps #022: Sewer   2020-01-18
Blackjack's People #162: Evening's End   2019-12-18
Blackjack's People #161: Deep Sewer Dwellers   2019-12-05
Random Table #046: Standard Criminal Offenses   2019-12-02
NPC Sheet Retreat: Batch 002 (5th Edition)   2019-12-02
Blackjack's People #160: Bad BTLs   2019-11-19
Personality Trait Generator [XLSX]   2019-11-13
NPC Sheet Retreat: Batch 001 (5th Edition)   2019-11-08
One Hundred Street Names #021 [XLSX]   2019-11-08
One Hundred Street Names #022 [XLSX]   2019-11-08
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Places #025   2019-10-14
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The Sticks: Local Bands   2019-10-05
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Places #022   2019-07-26
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One Hundred Street Names #020 [XLSX]   2019-07-26


Unfiled     Articles: 2 Updated: 2019-11-13
Stuff that I haven't found a place for yet.
People And Places
Blackjack's People   Articles: 162 Updated: 2019-12-05
Over 650 NPCs in over 150 Groups.
NPC Sheet Retreat   Articles: 28 Updated: 2019-12-02
Basic NPC sheets filled with fodder for Shadowrun 5th Edition.
NPCs From Hell   Articles: 6 Updated: 1999-08-02
These are the really scary people in your neighborhood.
One Hundred Street Names   Articles: 24 Updated:  2019-11-08
Street names.  More than 100 actually, but "More Than One Hundred Street Names" wouldn't fit in the header.
Places   Articles: 22 Updated: 2019-08-30
Grab a beer at The Tavern Of Butt.
Evil Places   Articles: 8 Updated:  2019-03-22
Hit the dirt!  No, literally!  There's something crawling out of it!
Advice And Assistance
Blackjack's Corner   Articles: 49 Updated: 2001-07-10
Humorous (and often disastrous) advice for your enjoyment and frustration.
Blackjack's Guides To Bitter Gamemastering   Articles: 6 Updated: 1999-01-05
It's not that I hate PC's...I just despise the people who play them. 
Riposte Archive   Articles: 8 Updated: 1999-12-31
Snippily, but kinda useful, answers to e-mails.
Fiction And Humor
Brumby, Troll Shadowrunner Philosopher   Articles: 14 Updated:  2019-03-22
Brumby was always a favorite when I had my old page up.
Radio Phree Philadelphia   Articles: 7 Updated: 1999-08-09
Love him or hate him, Razor's in your car and in your head.  Meet the biggest dick in radio.
General Fiction   Articles: 14 Updated: 1999-08-09
Every runner has a story.  Here's a few of them.
General Humor   Articles: 13 Updated: 1999-08-23
Upon reviewing this collection, I've found most of it to be stupid.  But it's funny stupid, so post it I will.
Magic And Matrix
Spellbook   Articles: 9 Updated:  2019-05-31
I mean, how have we gotten along this far without an Orgasm spell?
Useless Artifacts   Articles: 7 Updated: 1997-07-19
Ludicrous chaos in an otherwise smooth flowing campaign.
Matrix   Articles: 1 Updated: 1996-10-14
Oh, lonely Matrix article.  How I weep for thee.
Additional Resources
Shadowruns   Articles: 16 Updated: 2019-06-28
A mixed bag of simple runs and run ideas.
Maps   Articles: 22 Updated: 2020-01-18
Building maps, city block maps, etc.
Random Tables   Articles: 46 Updated: 2019-12-02
Stumped on what to call the drug your player's dipshit PC just OD'd on?  Roll one up!
Vehicles   Articles: 12 Updated: 1998-11-16
Whatever   Articles: 1 Updated: 1998-12-07
Banner ads and, well, for now that's about it.

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