Trid And Sim #004

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: May, 2021

A nearly lethal arm impalement trap almost disqualified Pritchard in our last stream, but his opponent survived, earning him a Golden Spear and a shot at the quarter finals.  But it's time for a sticky maze and contender Frog is a master with an adherence net so it's anybody's match!

Skank And Brah
Will frat boy Trevor bewitch super slut Tequila in time for 1 draft night at Big Dicks?  It's down to the wire and betting is open for a season finale guaranteed to reek of tension, desire and beer.

MDMA Murder Mystery
In hard core murder mysteries like this one, sometimes you just gotta roll with it. And that's what we got: 10 contestants, all on unique brands of Ecstasy, trying to figure out who killed Coke, the recurring victim of the show, in monkey shit crazy settings and scenarios that make a sober person's head spin. So stream in and catch this week's episode: Coke And The Murder Mayhem Mansion, and find out if there's actually even a killer. Sometimes it's just fun to watch paranoid drugged up people try to solve stuff.