Trid And Sim #003

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: May, 2021

Loser Fights
After getting knocked out by a six-year-old swinging a lollipop, snowflake “Curt” is the current champion.  But can he be dropped by a toddler tossing a Lego?  With a record of 0 for 234, it's anybody's guess!  (Though guessing he’ll win would probably be wrong.)

Ninja Gardner
After planting 50 carrots in 60 seconds, master ninja Cleopatra Pai s poised to take the lead over Shigeaki Fujimoto in tonight's fast paced episode featuring everybody's favorite vegetable: Eggplants!

Trigger Trivia
The game show with two winners, the one who gets the most answers right and gets shot less with gel rounds, and the one who gets the most answers wrong and gets shot with the most - and remains conscious.  This stream's topic: Late 17th Century Scandinavian Philosophers!  So, you know, expect a lot of gel rounds.