Trid And Sim #002

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: May, 2021

Ping Pong Kaboom
Whether you're watching with the timer or without, Ping Pong Kaboom brings the fun of lightweight grenades to the repetitive back and forth motion of a sport that is actually kinda boring until you add, you know, GRENADES!  With both flash, stun and low yield defensive categories, and a wide range of contestant toughness to match, stream your evenings with explosive fun!  Featuring the long-awaited show down between armor weights Foots and Minefield!

Ass Fights Xtreme
Streamed in super wide simscreen, the biggest ortho-laced-plated-and, yes, sometimes-explosive ablated-asses are ready for a badass bash!  With the addition of a completely new class for contestants equipped with reverse running enhancements, this slam bam is gonna make you say "Oh, man . . . what the unholy FUCK am I watching?". Sim or trid-in, but if you're going in hot . . . uh . . . might want to suppress the olfactory option.

Best Bodyguard
Reality with a twist, 5 bodyguard contestants and their charges have volunteered to be the target of a mock assassination.  Who's gonna 'die' in this round?  With this stream's theme being 'snipers', our drones will cover all the tranq-dart targeting, with exclusive smartlink view taking you to a barrel level view of the action!