Trid And Sim #001

By Blackjack
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Tweeted: May, 2021

Jesus Verses
Scripture meets foe in another showdown between self-proclaimed messiah Jesus O'Brian and a foe of biblical proportions.  Or, at least, biblical reference.  This stream's passage: Exodus 37:5 which mentions the word 'bear'.  Ok, not the animal bear, but apparently Jesus is running out of ideas.  In any case, tune in to watch our Lord and Savior bring down this massive beast.  But don't worry!  If he loses . . . he'll still be back next week!

Fabulous Falls
Helma Alves continues to wow her fans in the Down The Stairs category, staying conscious after descending head over heals down the beautiful 50 stairs of the Grande ballroom at the Bellmont Resort. But can she survive Metro Station 29? It'll be tough, by so is Helma’s skull!

Pellet Gun Trid Sim Comedy Hour
What's funnier than 10 up and coming stand-up comics giving their all to make us laugh 'till we shit?  Remote controlled pellet guns that bring YOU into the fun!  Hot sim required and a 25¥ fee to enter a lottery to get a position on one of the 15 pellet guns pointed at our contestants!  But don't get too happy, cuz if you shoot after a joke that less than half the other shooters pelted, you get a sim zap that will make you think twice!  Standard sim and AR available for the spectators as you determine the fate of funny from your comfiest chair!

Pennies On The Freeway
For pointless bodily injury, it's hard to beat a bunch of people running into traffic to scoop up what is hopefully the penny of the evening, 1947 Lincoln Wheat Penny, before they're hit in the face with the bumper of a Mitsubishi. And, yeah, we've had some legal troubles from cars wrapping around heavily cybered Trolls, so no more ware. But, hey, that means four times the splatter as veterans like Theressa Assad and Ox  continue to try and stay on top, claim the weekly 5,000¥ prize, and hopefully not suffer any additional brain damage.