Downtime #002
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2021-05-12


Pooped To Death

Deceased Blaze Responsible Self/Overdose
Profession Rocker Classic Guitar Player Profession N/A
Gender Female Gender N/A
Metarace Elf Metarace N/A

Thought it would be funny to take both Heaven and Hell BTLs and pooped herself to death.  Apparently, that's a thing now.  Who wouldn't want to go out pooping?  There should be a contest or something.




Dug up a lot of runner dirt from where he came from.  Dangerous, unless his research is fucking your adversaries, Header is a combination of the ultimate snoop and and extremely effective Googler.
Profession Newsdecker 
Gender Male 
Metarace Human

Kristopher Telch

An independent contractor, he is of interest to both corps and astral travelers because of the weird biofilm in his cleaning formula that supposedly hinders astral transit.
Profession Window Cleaner
Gender Male
Metarace Elf

Lianne Centorino

Apparently bored with the weather patterns in Dallas, Lianne offers her uncanny ability to be dead freakin on with weather predictions to those willing to pay, be it Weatherstream or runners, mostly riggers, who need up to the second predictions for their activities.
Profession Meteorologist
Gender Female
Metarace Human   


The small SURGE research lab NuYuResearch has been experimenting with subjecting subjects to artificial SURGE related 'energies' to see if they can get a volunteer (in this case, Dave, human) to turn into, well, something else.  It's just an eight-hour third shift over a period of three days and all you really gotta do is sit around and make sure all of the recording equipment is running (free knowledgesoft included so you actually know what you're doing) and, more importantly, maintain a steady conversation to see if there's any change in his mental state.  There's also plenty of terrible movies to riff, conventional and computer boardgames, although Monopoly is his favorite.  Now, there is a dangerous catch: The whole experiment is taking place in what is basically a huge man cave in a scraper.  And you are locked in.  There is a team ready to subdue good ole Dave should he go Super Mario monkey shit, but you got at least 15 seconds before the team pops in.  You are not allowed to have any weapons and must not harm the subject in any way.  Any injury, even issued in defense, will result in forfeiture of that night's pay.  The pay is only 1,500¥ a night, but considering the experiment has been running for over a year without SURGE expression, odds are you're getting paid just to hang out.

Got a wage slave who got himself into a weird ass contract with Mackin’ Media involving details I'm not privileged to nor really care about.  But apparently there's a clause that can get him out of it if he gets married, even if it's just effective for 5 minutes and is almost immediately dissolved.  So the guy, sigh, Director Of Mackin’ Media Exposure Clifton Oseni,  has been setting this whole wedding up for a couple a months to make it look genuine, invited about 200 guests, booked a church, all the while keeping the identity of his fiancée a secret.  So, for a big ole 10,000¥ all you have to do is marry him and then immediately punch him in the face after the 'I now pronounce you husband and husband' part, and a kiss.  Oh, yeah, he's gay.  Also, it's a Refined Universal Catholic ceremony, a branch that has gotten rid of pretty much everything but their long ass weddings. 


Black Hawk Vineyard: Dragon Rides
If you want to meet a dragon that won't tear you to pieces if you try to touch it, let alone ride it, Black Hawk Vineyard is hosting dragon rides, courtesy of Nosor, voted Dragon of The Year by Dragon Fancy magazine and Man Of The Year by People.  The fee is 1,000¥ for a 90 second ride around a beautiful 10,000 acre estate and vineyard, with 50% of the profits going towards the Nosor Children's Charity.  A full evening of wine tasting is also included as well as a bottle of Limited-Edition Black Hawk Red, cured by dragon breath, a one of a kind memento from an evening you'll never forget!

Club Chaos: Maze Night
Now that Club Chaos has expanded to two complete scraper levels, Maze Night is more fun than ever.  Find your way through a full 1,200 square meters of shifting walls, both material and magical, to the crushing sounds of a live performance by Exploding God.  With themed bars around the perimeter, finally making your way to Whiskey Land, Hawaii Paradse and others has never been more challenging.  And, of course, every hour there’s a Cross The Club competition to see who can make it from one side of the Club to the other the fastest to win a 200¥ prize and free drinks for the rest of the night.  Be sure to check our site for our 'don't be a dick' disclaimers and have fun!


Pellet Gun Trid Sim Comedy Hour
What's funnier than 10 up and coming stand-up comics giving their all to make us laugh 'till we shit?  Remote controlled pellet guns that bring YOU into the fun!  Hot sim required and a 25¥ fee to enter a lottery to get a position on one of the 15 pellet guns pointed at our contestants!  But don't get too happy, cuz if you shoot after a joke that less than half the other shooters pelted, you get a sim zap that will make you think twice!  Standard sim and AR available for the spectators as you determine the fate of funny from your comfiest chair!

Ping Pong Kaboom
Whether you're watching with the timer or without, Ping Pong Kaboom brings the fun of lightweight grenades to the repetitive back and forth motion of a sport that is actually kinda boring until you add, you know, GRENADES!  With both flash, stun and low yield defensive categories, and a wide range of contestant toughness to match, stream your evenings with explosive fun!  Featuring the long-awaited show down between armor weights Foots and Minefield!


Mixed Team Combat Collective [MTCC]
Team Deadeye vs Team Avalon at Brooklyn
Team Slink vs Team Rayth at Halifax
Team Haunt vs Team Gore at Louisville
Team Axle vs Team Felicity at Provo
Team Vengeance vs Team Mongrel at San Juan

Chromed Combat Association [CCA]
Team Yamath vs Team Rumbler at Calgary
Team Vagrant vs Team Gamble at Charlotte
Team Reaper vs Team Centurion at Baltimore
Team Spite vs Team Misery  at Columbus
Team Urban vs Team Centurion at Québec City
Physad Ultimate Combat Organization [PUCO]
Team Unbreakable vs Team Tragedy at Pittsburgh
Team Sharp vs Team Azuris at Indianapolis
Team Fistbreath vs Team Battlebleed at Philadelphia
Team Blindangle vs Team Angelic at Oakland
Team Nimble vs Team Nexblade at Brooklyn
MercWar Pact [MWP]
Team Fulltooth vs Team Bruise at Miami
Team Frag vs Team Demoncannon at Santiago
Team Assault vs Team Battleborn at Edmonton
Team Foothold vs Team Raunch at Mérida
Team Pudgy vs Team Kaboom at San Juan
Rigger Combat Coalition [RCC]
Team Rattle vs Team Hover at Oakland
Team Wing vs Team Charge at Hartford
Team Klunker vs Team Ashtide at San Diego
Team Cruiser vs Team Sonar at Dominica
Team Raider vs Team Rugged at Houston
Open Matrix Decker League [OMDL]
Team Insurgent vs Team Jigsaw  at Cleveland
Team Fetch vs Team Routine at Oakland
Team Bolt vs Team Insurgent at Québec City
Team Zealot vs Team Engineer at Miami
Team Seam vs Team Jigsaw  at Matanza
Technomancer Combat Concord [TCC]
Team Sublime vs Team Interact at Miami
Team Eros vs Team Magnitude at Kansas City
Team Obscure vs Team Insane at Winnipeg
Team Daedalus vs Team Obscure at Provo
Team Neuralstrike vs Team Vexacion at Helena
Spellcaster Combat Alliance [SCA]
Team Sleep vs Team Windwinter at Québec City
Team Thunder vs Team Shade at Ottawa
Team Misty vs Team Nightfury at Oklahoma
Team Hazescar vs Team Smolder at Baltimore
Team Witchhunt vs Team Lightspear at Cheyenne
Conjuring Combat Union (CCU)
Team Blackdream vs Team River at Dominica
Team Dirge vs Team Lonestone at Brooklyn
Team Heartfate vs Team Ghastly at Dominica
Team Poet vs Team Cinderblight at Seattle
Team Borderland vs Team Cinderblight at Las Vegas
Genetic Expression Competition Partnership (GECP]
Team Maw vs Team Foxtrot at Boston
Team Mesapaw vs Team Kodiak at Juneau
Team Anaconda vs Team Canine at Cara’Sir
Team Cheetah vs Team Cocoon at Chicago
Team Cavefly vs Team Jaguar at Saskatoon


Combat Biker League [CBL]
Baltimore Spartans vs Houston Mustangs at Houston
Dallas Red Devils vs Denver Spirits at Denver
San Carlos Tarpans vs Los Angeles Sabers at Los Angeles
FDC Shurikens vs San Francisco Knights at San Francisco
Nashville Stars vs Atlanta Rebels at Atlanta
Urban Brawl League [UBL]
Kitimat Warriors vs Denver Thunderheads at Denver
Oakland Terminators vs Providence Champions at Providence
Portland Paladins vs Cleveland Chaos at Cleveland
Renraku Invincibles vs Tenochtitlán Volcanos at Tenochtitlán
Cheyenne Dragons vs Manhattan Slashers at Manhattan

Unified Football League [UFL]
Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens at Baltimore
San Francisco 49ers vs Orlando Thunder at Orlando
Buffalo Bills vs FDC Chieftains at FDC
Green Bay Packers vs Miami Dolphins at Miami
Kansas City Wizards vs Pittsburgh Steelers at Pittsburgh

Major League Baseball [MLB]
Atlanta Braves vs Portland Lords at Portland
Boston Red Sox vs Sacramento Padres at Sacramento
Kansas City Royals vs Montreal Expos at Montreal
Guantanamo Roughnecks vs San Juan Tigers at San Juan
Santiago de Cuba Wasps vs Miami Marlins at Miami
Unified Basketball Association [UBA]
Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Horsemen at Toronto
San Francisco Cavaliers vs Winnipeg Spurs at Winnipeg
Dallas Mavericks vs Brooklyn Nets at Brooklyn
Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls at Chicago
Phoenix Thunderbirds vs FDC Bullets at FDC
Unified Hockey League [UHL]
Chicago Blackhawks vs Ottawa Senators at Ottawa
Malek’thas Ducks vs FDC Capitals at FDC
Minneapolis Hunters vs Toronto Maple Leafs at Toronto
Calgary Flames vs Vancouver Admirals at Vancouver
Montreal Canadiens vs Edmonton Stars at Edmonton

Major League Soccer [MLS]
Edmonton Dragons vs Miami Unified at Miami
Manhattan Lightning vs Toronto City at Toronto
Los Angeles Galaxy vs Indianapolis Racing at Indianapolis
Montreal Tireurs vs Cheyenne Coyotes at Cheyenne
Pueblo Grantee vs Houston Dynamo at Houston