Random Table #042
Shitty Run Conclusions
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page: www.BlackjackSR.com] [BlackjackSRx@gmail.com] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2019-05-31

11      Box is empty
12      Gem is glass
13      File is Gilligan's Island rerun

14      File is some kind Of gorilla porn
15      Save the girl, right before her cortex bomb goes off
16      The Cave Of Treasures is empty

21      Sacred axe is made of Play-Doh
22      Gold bars are 90% cat turd
23      Reward is a nice, shiny penny
24      Spell book contains Cajun recipies
25      Sacred box contains used snuff
26      One trillion dollars in Monopoly money

31      Rescued village goat barfs to death
32      Target explodes without warning
33      Sacred cauldron filled with gummy bears

34      Johnson audibly poops himself during the meet
35      Puzzle blows up when solved
36      BTL causes impotence

41      Two shiny dimes
42      Stolen weapon actually shoots bubbles
43      Treasure chest filled with porn
44      Payment credstick explodes
45      Artifact immobile
46      Chip causes incontinence

51      Rabbits ate the blessed herb
52      Pit Of Nature filled with toxic waste
53      Blessed meadow now home to Stuffer Shack
54      Artifact makes you stupid for 10 days
55      Sacred field filled with cow shit

56      Employer shoots herself instead of paying

61      Golden sack filled with baby turtles
62      A free burger from Wendy's!  Oh boy!
63      Sacred vase sticks to hands
64      Magical chalice zaps everybody ahead 2 weeks in time
65      Demon will give you the item in exchange for a great big kiss
66      Runners' vehicles spontaneously explode