Random Table #018
No Trespassing Sign
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page: www.BlackjackSR.com] [BlackjackSRx@gmail.com] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1997-01-27

11      Notice Our Close Proximity To The Cemetery
12      If You Trespass We Can Legally Shoot You As Many Times As We Like 
13      These Dogs Are Trained To Kill You
14      Donít Even Think About It
15      We Have Killed 57 Previous Trespassers. 
16      We Put This High Voltage Fence Up For A Reason

21      Trespassers Will Be Violated
22      Trespassers Will Be Shot, Survivors Will Be Shot Again
23      Enter And Die
24      Go Ahead, Try To Get In
25      Illegally Entering This Property Condemns You To Certain Death
26      Our Electric Fences Run At 50,000 Volts While On Power Saving Mode

31      Trespassing Here Would Be A Phenomenally Stupid Idea
32      They Will Never Find Your Body
33      Go Away
34      We Will Waste You
35      Nobody Will Miss You
36      Your Body Armor Is Strong.  Our Tank Doesnít Care.

41      Enter And You Will Meet Death Within 2.5 Seconds
42      Nothing Will Prevent Us From Killing You
43      Kill.  Kill.  Death.  Death.  Kill.  Kill.
44      Our Security Doesnít Fuck Around
45      Please Confirm Your DocWagon Contract Before Entering
46      I Know You Donít See The Snipers But, Trust Me, Theyíre There

51      Youíll Wish You Were In Hell
52      Trespassers Will Be Tortured, Dismembered, Shot And Tossed In A Ditch
53      Nothing But A Corpse
54      We Would Shoot Our Own Mothers If They Trespassed
55      Not Smart  
56      Death Is A Certainty

61      Trespass And Not Even God Himself Can Save You
62      Rethink Your Plan
63      We Will Put You In The Ground
64      Trespassers Die A Slow, Painful Death
65      We Will Erase Your Very Existence
66      No Trespassing