The Peregrine

Large Gourmet Restaurant / Persephone Hobart, Owner / Strong Bias Against The Unsophisticated

Splitting with demographic exclusion practices of traditional gourmet restaurants, The Peregrine doesn’t care where your money came from as long as you look and act the part of a sophisticate. And money you must have, unless invited by somebody who does, and if you screw up, your rep among the richest in town may get dented. So join in for five and a half star service, just make sure that credit balance you’re required to show before entering is on the up and up or a really good fake.

Persephone Hobart

Archetype: Human Gourmet Restaurant Owner

Very hands on, Persephone somehow manages to maintain perfect physical composure while racing gracefully from task to task and, because of her high standards, usually firing at least one chef a week for what she deems as poor performance. With green eyes framed by what seems like impossibly maintained red hair, Persephone is also always on the lookout for anybody acting even the slightest bit out of place. Perhaps the best satisfaction she gets is calling out somebody who has slipped up and having two large troll doormen escort them, one way or another, out of the building.

The Autumn Monarch Resort

Enormous Resort And Spa / Nihat Chargatai, Owner / Bias Against Motherfuckers

Don’t bother checking your guns at the door, The Autumn’s SOTA automated pacification devices are at the ready if they so much as see a barre;. But getting zapped like a squirrel on a powerline with a projectile the size of a roll of quarters isn’t the only reason to come. We, actually, it’s the main reason to come. And the main reason Nihat Chagatai created The Autumn, so runners could have a place to simply chill without the constant risk of getting shot in the face (or back). Even sworn enemies have to obey the rules and since the facility opened its doors in 2071 there have only been 27 fatalities, which is freaking nothing compared to how many runners have safely stayed. The facility has no ranges, combat arenas, or even gyms, just acres of serene settings, immense pools, soothing spa treatments and massage, and, of course, saunas (so you can finally check and see if your arch enemy’s dong is bigger than yours.)

Nihat Chagatai

Archetype: Dwarf Human Former Runner

What motivated Nihat (formerly known as ‘Goose’) to invest in a super-secret place to chill was what ended his running career – a panic attack that lasted for days and, afterwards, rendered him unable to face the shadows for years. Nihat figured that if – even for a day – he could have gone somewhere and felt perfectly safe (and, well, tan as well) the breakdown may never had occurred.