Ye Olde Dead Boar Finch Bar Pup

Small Bar / Edward Simmons, Owner / Strong Bias Against Men Under 70

Supporting an unusual clientele consisting almost exclusively elderly men and female victims of domestic violence, The Pub is a quiet place of safety, even though it doesn’t have a single bouncer at the door. Everything about the Pub is designed to promote serenity, to the point that any live entertainment may only play mellow music, and all music except the most serene has been blocked on the digital jukebox. Nobody causes any trouble at the bar because it is well known that the instigator would not only face the cops, but also possible retribution from the myriad of runners the owner, Edward Simmons, keeps as contacts. These runners are also utilized, from time to time, to avenge acts of violence against his female customers, but only by request.

Edward Simmons

Archetype: Dwarf Bartender

Simmons has seen many wars, and when he returned from his military duties he vowed never to commit a violent act again. This being said, Simmons has no problem with other people committing violent acts as a favor or for pay. Simmons’ bar is a low lit sanctuary filled with people who never got past Step 1 of AA. They are career drunks, exclusively older men who have committed so many fuckups it’s all their minds can remember. Through some undefinable quirk, it also because the hangout of the abused, neglected and terrorized. Hence, Simmons’ unofficial team of runners, whom he will occasionally deploy to make any offenders keenly aware that causing pain is not without consequence. Simmons never sends someone to outright kill another, with beating the target to within an inch of their life being the ultimate goal. Should the target decide to involve some hardware, Simmons’ proxy is instructed to RUN.

Simmons himself is actually a pretty tall dwarf, though he still has a kind of walkway behind the bar that allows him to be elevated, while still allowing others working there to operate normally without spending their shift hunched over. He normally wears his old military camo jacket with all of the patches ripped off, and he is completely bald, with the exception of a meter long ponytail that sprouts from the dead center of the top of his head. In addition to your customary back room, he also has a vault which serves as Simmons’ sleeping quarters, and probably a lot more, but nobody’s sure because nobody but Simmons has ever been inside.

Captain Doodad’s

Small (Gargantuan) Department Store / Captain Doodad, Owner / No Bias

Need a widget? How about a thingy? Or maybe a whatzit? Captain Doodad has just what you need! In fact, Captain Doodad seems to have just about everything. This feat is achieved because, underneath his rather modest sized store, there’s a leveled basement over 15 stories deep equipped with racks of, well, just about everything, and a team of service drones are ready to ferry up a requested item at a moment’s notice. There is a catch: Captain Doodad doesn’t sell anything with a Restricted or Forbidden availability, although you could conceivably obtain each individual part required to build one, depending on whether the Captain cuts you off or not. He is the establishment’s only employee and the store is open nightly from 10 pm – 10 am.

Captain Doodad

Archetype: Ork Store Owner

A high strung Ork with long white hair and X-Cyte’s trademark pinpoint pupils, Captain Doodad crashes every night due to his amphetamine and other addictions. But a good night’s sleep (and a cocktail of numerous other drugs) later, he’s back at the helm, chipper, ready to help, and always armed with lollipops for the kids. Even the most deprived street vermin recognizes Captain Doodad’s store as ‘Sacred Ground’, and those few who didn’t needed to be cleaned up with a squeegee. Legend has it that Captain Doodad has some kind of experimental energy weapon built into his left cyberarm.