Esoteric Shitstorm #006
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2021-01-19

What The Hell Is Going On? (A Quick Guide To Esoteric Shitstorm)


TEMPLES The Ancient Hill
RUINS The Ethereal Outpost
EVILORG Virus Corps
RELIGIONS Faith Of The Sacrifice
CURSES The Anxiety Bane
WINE Traurciville Cap Classique
SPELLS Surge Of Static Shock
TOWERSMAGE The Aberrant Tower
WINE Greortin Vendimia
WINE Ardeauder Viejo
COUNCILS The Silver Council
BOOKSMYSTIC The Codex Of Nodar
RUNES Wer (Harmony)
REALMS Chaehirhia
RUINS The Motionless Reef
ENCHANTMENTS Core Of Brilliant Health Absorption
RUINS The Infernal Shore
RUNES Gand (Aspect)
POTIONS Elixir Of The Spirit
WINE Woville Doux
WINE Buder Blanc
RUNES Ukurez (Tree)
WINE Hauldtalung Vendemmia
INGREDIENTS Reaper Bone Meal
COUNCILS The Board Of The Clouds
CHIVILRY The Templars Of The Garden
POISONS Lover's Spite
ORDERS The Guild Of The Digital Quill
ART Faith Of Poverty
WINE Inots Noir
MATERIALS Electric Steel
ERA The Aeon Of Stealth
ENCHANTMENTS Order Of Lesser Magical Defenses
JEWELRY The Serpentine Passion Brooch
CURSES The Mania Hex
CHOSENONES The Bitterblood
CHOSENONES The Devil Heart
DEMONS Agrinino
COUNCILS The Council Of Peace
ITEMS Demon Root
CHIVILRY The Soldiers Of The Abyss
RUINS Lands Of Fog
MATERIALS Wicked Tweed
ERA The Alchemy Age
RUINS The Overgrown Labyrinth
THRONES The Thorn Throne
RUNES Zaakhireh (Winter)
TOWERS Divine Pillar