Downtime #009
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2021-03-02


Name Kylie Estrada

Kylie will make you feel friggin' amazing. And she doesn't even touch your fun stuff. It's theorized that she's some kind of weird healing adept, as no conventional magic is in her.

Profession Masseuse
Gender Female
Metarace Elf
Name Ratana Nove

Not sure if anybody should worry about Ratana just yet, but she is going around to some of the seedier bars in the area and asking lots of questions in the name of 'research'. So, if you've got a vengeful ex in the area, here's to hoping they keep their fucking mouths shut.

Profession Romance Writer
Gender Female
Metarace Human
Name Kacey Georgakopoulos Credited with creating the best burgers in her former city, Kacey bounces around from restaurant creating her masterpieces for the highest.  The cost of the burgers run into the hundreds of nuyen, but, goddamn are they worth it.
Profession Chef
Metarace Female         
Metarace Ork
Name Rockthon

Lost a charge. A young one. But apparently he went down in a hail of bullets trying to protect her. Broken and living in squalor, the poor guy could really use a friend.

Profession Bodyguard
Gender Male
Metarace Ork


Looks like little Johnny's been bad. At least that's what the 15 year olds' parents say. And they want proof of his naughty activities, which they believe includes riding his bike past the designated limit, playing video games, and other such unsavory activities. The payment is a cool 3,000¥, not bad for snapping some vid, although it's important to mention that the last team who was assigned to this task was found shredded with monoswords and scattered around a 6 block area But I'm sure that was just a coincidence.

Mr. Nick is running into an extreme problem with shop lifters, but wants to keep the store inviting and is scared that a visible security presence may cause customers to turn away. The store? Nick's Knick Knacks, a home for every example what you can put in those little display slots in those hanging things that have always terrified me because I could probably be standing across the goddamn room from one of these and still manage to knock it off the wall. The problem: The store is essentially a warehouse open to the public, consisting of 10 50 x 50 meter stories, interconnected with a menagerie of stair cases, elevators and metalifts. Most of the sales are electronic and drones routinely whisk out to snag merchandise. But there is also a great deal of foot traffic, which is why keeping the shoplifter population down, especially now that RFID inhibitors are cheaper than ever, is important. For every shoplifter caught, a payment of 1,500¥ will be paid. Considering they're going to be handed over to the police, no beating the shit out of them.


Rubber Meets The Road Nightclub  - Dregs Loop Challenge
The notorious Dregs Loop, now updated to a 200 kilometer jagged, complex path that does make the entire loop around the city, just in a really fucked up way. And to prevent disruption by police roadblocks the official path may be subject to change, an addition that has many riggers, known as "pussies" to bitch. The entrance fee is a steep 10,000¥ because something has to pay for all the goddamn technology it takes to make this shit happen. Both speed and hard core divisions exist for bike and car, but heavier vehicles are now right the fuck out. And all those who watched the December 18th shit show knows exactly why. Oh, winner gets 350,000¥.
Le Fantome: Runner Fashion Show
Fine dining, fine fashion and fine firearms merge at Le Fantome, the multi-story, multi-building hotspot the merges clubbing and culture and has featured the biggest names in fashion since its creation. But for one night a year, the lights are dimmed and the site becomes a veritable who's who of the more glamorous members of the shadowrunner community. Dress is formal, tickets are expensive (1,000¥ per person if you want a decent view of the catwalk) and general community participation is nonexistent, so you won't be treated to a catwalk congo line of the shadow's prettiest rejects. These are the real deal, and, I'm sorry, whoever you are, you just ain't pretty enough to play.


Really Stoned Seniors On Scooters
Jorge Bruckschen beat Wismita Behanan by nearly 50 minutes in the 100 meter Scoot Sprint and now leads the pack going into the 1000 meter marathon.  With a five-hour stream planned, we can only hope the race is finished before time runs out!
Belt Warriors
Your 100,000¥ subscription is about to pay off as Team Saw Stone faces off against Team Blacklock over the gold rich rock Pallas Minor 22 in a battle of railguns and lasers that has been 5 years in the making.  And with a hack proof feed, you'd damn well have a simlock code or you're out of luck!  (Seriously, like, thirty deckers have died trying to hack it, so have the damn code!)
Sitting While On Speed
In a show that really bets on the punch line, sit for either seconds or hours as lucky contestants square off in their ability to stay seated while on speed. And to spruce things up, they've added a facial and physical set of stress sensors so now you can bet on whether the Freakoutometer will go up or down! Spinning office chair championships coming soon!


Mixed Team Combat Collective [MTCC]
Team Haunt vs Team Cherokee at Detroit
Team Vengeance vs Team Divinity at Baltimore
Team Perpetuity vs Team Slink at Helena
Team Cherokee vs Team Quake at Indianapolis
Team Rumor vs Team Sawbone at Corpus Christi

Chromed Combat Association [CCA]
Team Centurion vs Team Crook at Winnipeg
Team Kane vs Team Scoundrel at Nashville
Team Steelbinder vs Team Gray at Kansas City
Team Bouncer vs Team Vagrant at New Kingston
Team Exterminator vs Team Revolt at New Kingston
Physad Ultimate Combat Organization [PUCO]
Team Bloodhands vs Team Blur at Tenochtitlán
Team Blindangle vs Team Wrath at Miami
Team Downfury vs Team Angelic at Boston
Team Criticalstrike vs Team Hellshard at Philadelphia
Team Sharp vs Team Injury at Dallas
MercWar Pact [MWP]
Team Pug vs Team Assault at Yellow Knife
Team Bluff vs Team Grumpy at Austin
Team Bruise vs Team Tank at Sacramento
Team Spear vs Team Pitchfork at St. Louis
Team Assault vs Team Demoncannon at Green Bay
Rigger Combat Coalition [RCC]
Team Klunker vs Team Escape at San Juan
Team Rugged vs Team Trailer at Salt Lake City
Team Trail vs Team Clank at Kansas City
Team Turbocharge vs Team Rugged at San Francisco
Team Rugged vs Team Draft at Detroit
Open Matrix Decker League [OMDL]
Team Catalyst vs Team Curiosity at Kitmat
Team Ultra vs Team Scandal at Corpus Christi
Team Smartjolt vs Team Broadband at Saskatoon
Team Webb vs Team Bummer at Detroit
Team Bummer vs Team Electrode at Sacramento
Technomancer Combat Concord [TCC]
Team Vessel vs Team Endless at St. Louis
Team Phaser vs Team Judgement at Cara’Sir
Team Fract vs Team Phaser at Tacoma
Team Nimbus vs Team Screech at Juneau
Team Mindgame vs Team Mental at Salt Lake City
Spellcaster Combat Alliance [SCA]
Team Hazescar vs Team Windwinter at Seattle
Team Masquerade vs Team Dragonclaw at Yellow Knife
Team Shade vs Team Nightmare at Seattle
Team Craven vs Team Meltdown at Cleveland
Team Darklight vs Team Radiant at Helena
Conjuring Combat Union (CCU)
Team Dawn vs Team Lonestone at Guantanamo
Team Divine vs Team Voodoo at Los Angeles
Team Hawkbreed vs Team Runemight at Portland
Team Kindred vs Team Lonestone at Indianapolis
Team Youngblood vs Team Oathbound at Salt Lake City
Genetic Expression Competition Partnership (GECP]
Team Starmane vs Team Canis at Richmond
Team Hydrius vs Team Coyote at Corpus Christi
Team Kodiak vs Team Mutt at Milwaukee
Team Animus vs Team Fang at Matanza
Team Sirene vs Team Breeder at Philadelphia


Combat Biker League [CBL]
Detroit Lightning vs Philadelphia Grays at Philadelphia
Phoenix Thunderbirds vs Detroit Lightning at Detroit
San Francisco Knights vs Los Angeles Sabers at Los Angeles
New Orleans Buzzsaws vs FDC Shurikens at FDC
Atlanta Rebels vs San Diego Rangers at San Diego
Urban Brawl League [UBL]
Denver Thunderheads vs Dallas Outlaws at Dallas
Oakland Terminators vs Seattle Screamers at Seattle
Detroit Nightmares vs Montreal Assassins at Montreal
Tenochtitlán Volcanos vs Seattle Screamers at Seattle
Horizon Coordinators vs Kitimat Warriors at Kitimat

Unified Football League [UFL]
Chicago Bears vs Sacramento Chargers at Sacramento
Indianapolis Colts vs San Francisco 49ers at San Francisco
Richmond Raiders vs Minnesota Vikings at Minnesota
Seattle Seahawks vs Kansas City Wizards at Kansas City
Orlando Thunder vs Philadelphia Eagles at Philadelphia

Major League Baseball [MLB]
Cienfuegos Elephants vs San Francisco Giants at San Francisco
San Diego Jaguars vs Mérida Spears at Mérida
Manhattan Yankees vs Portland Lords at Portland
Matanza Crocodiles vs Miami Marlins at Miami
Chicago Cubs vs Long Island Mets at Long Island
Unified Basketball Association [UBA]
FDC Bullets vs Newark Knicks at Newark
Cleveland Bombardiers vs Provo Mountaineers at Provo
Winnipeg Spurs vs Ottawa Diplomats at Ottawa
Minneapolis Timberwolves vs Philadelphia 76ers at Philadelphia
Newark Knicks vs Milwaukee Bucks at Milwaukee
Unified Hockey League [UHL]
Boston Bruins vs San Francisco Sharks at San Francisco
Los Angeles Tridents vs Buffalo Sabres at Buffalo
St. Louis Blues vs Brooklyn Rangers at Brooklyn
Vancouver Admirals vs Edmonton Stars at Edmonton
Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs at Toronto

Major League Soccer [MLS]
Columbus Crew vs Boston Revolution at Boston
Seattle Sounders vs Orlando Civic at Orlando
Cheyenne Coyotes vs Houston Dynamo at Houston
Ottawa Arsenal vs Atlanta Thrashers at Atlanta
Edmonton Dragons vs Toronto City at Toronto