Downtime #008
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2021-02-23


Name Sharleen Kloda

A brilliant mechanic when it comes to any vehicle, Sharleen has popped up working on the down-low around town. Apparently she was blamed, not sure if unjustly or not, for blowing up a suborbital through negligence.

Profession Aircraft Mechanic
Gender Female
Metarace Human  
Name Weidenfeller Medart

Blackballed for reporting structural flaws on several different projects, Medart, despite his excellent safety and structural integrity skills, is currently working at a 7-11.

Profession Construction Worker
Gender Male
Metarace Troll
Name Endera Bradley

The former president of the NAME fan club, Endera got a bit too aggressive in her fandom and ended up with a gazillion restraining orders against her. Now hiding from lawyers, it's still a marvel at how skilled she was at tracking her pray.

Profession Superfan
Gender Female
Metarace Human


Need help immediately with some monkey shit going down at the Providence Paranormal Refuge. So, in some cases, dire monkey shit. In any case, this place wasn't maintained very well in the first place. It occupies a whopping 10 scraper stories with 4 main levels, including climates for desert, swamp and woodland critters. There's at least three groups of visitors trapped in various safe rooms around the surreal combination of actual vegetation and trideo screens that create a nearly endless vista. Apparently it's really easy to run smack into a wall. In any case, most of the facilities security has bugged out, while others are pinned down themselves. Pay is 5,000¥ up front, and another 5,000¥ if everybody makes it out ok. And nothing if one of them doesn't.
Pretty easy gig.  500¥ to stand over two chicks with a revolver to each of their heads, and you get to keep the revolvers.  Two Colt Coralsnakes, jet black...and loaded with explosive rounds.  Sweet!  In any case, each of the women's possies gives you their own gun to make sure nobody fucked with it.  Classic two chairs and a table in an empty warehouse.  All you have to do is blow the brains out of both of them if either party says they're backing out of the deal.  Whatever that deal of is.  Whether they shake hands or end up with bullets in their heads, you're free to bounce, no strings attached.  Crime can be weird.

Just need an armored, sealed chest delivered to a set of coordinates that will be provided once the shipment is loaded and ready for transport. All we know is that it'll be within a 200 kilometer radius. Payment is a flat 10,000¥, but 100% of medical, supplies, and damages are covered. So, apparently, wherever you're going, it's going to be one hell of a trip.


Unified Products Presents: Something For Everyone Treasure Hunt
Known for their generic versions of much of the hardware, weapons, decks, drones and other popular items runners use, Unified Products has placed 4 'mother-lodes', crates containing over 175,000¥ worth of their most popular items drawn from all categories, at various locations in the city. Think it's easy to find a giant crate? Don't be a fucking idiot. The clues are sparse, the crates are masked, and finding them can take weeks. No fee to enter, and, as an added bonus, the first to find the items also gets to defend it from the numerous other teams who will almost certainly descend upon it shortly thereafter! Hurray!
Ares Transportation: 24 Hour Window Hyperloop Roll Rumble
In a tradition that was started as a compromise between corps and criminals to keep the latter element from perpetually fucking with the loops, the Roll Rumble has been chosen as this year's designated sport for the 24 Hour Window. And with only a day to play with the H22 segment, 750¥ gets you a scant 5 minutes of combat, but considering most of the safety protocols are released, allowing for fast banks and even barrel-rolls, that's 750¥ pretty well, fucking spent. Melee weapons only, and the fine for causing a depressurization is now up to 75,000¥. So, yeah, don't be the guy with the dikote swords. Just, don't.


Burrow Battles
We didn't infect them, but we're going to let these little psychovirus infected prairie dogs go out as our warped god intended: Fighting!  The Isolation Dome is sealed, filled with fresh dirt and driller drone cams and were ready for round six!  Featuring the dominating greatness of Fuzzywinkles thus named as the result of our most recent Prairie Dog People Poll!  Want exclusive footage?  Visit our Prairie Dog People Patreon Page!
Quantum Count Contenders
Reactive String Pi Dynamic Squares turned three of last week's contenders into blubbering idiots, and with Relativistic Dynamic Figurative Logic Sequences on our next stream, the champion of champions will be decided what with the other contestants being the aforementioned idiots.  Who will go on to face the AI Remnant Blue 17, MIT Math Laureate Ena Tollenaar or MIT Math Laureate Genji Feerick?  Probably whoever still has the brain power to still spell their name correctly after this epic battle!  (Also, when did MIT Grads get so fucking hardcore!)
Neural Feedback Battleship
Split screen action at its best, watch the globe's greatest military strategists shit their pants (sometimes, literally) in a pain feedback battle of schemes to sink their opponents vessels before being rendered unconscious by their mistakes!  And this is no AR VR bullshit.  The opponents sit face to face and without those pussy sunglasses you always see at the World Series Of Poker.  Stream in for the real deal, featuring this week's main event between Algerian Commissioner Of Naval Operations Sharla Ijaz and Madagascar Naval General Khun Dedrick!
Shock Tag Tonight
The daily, grueling 4 hour daily low voltage stream marathons continue as the members that remained conscious from the last round are combined and pitted against a new rival! With the revocation of any kind of breaks, see which members have the endurance to continue on. Skewed Darwinian sports at its best!


Mixed Team Combat Collective [MTCC]
Team Cherokee vs Team Avalon at Kitmat
Team Ambition vs Team Curse at Cienfuegos
Team Divinity vs Team Axle at Houston
Team Clockwork vs Team Doomstorm at Helena
Team Vengeance vs Team Rumor at Pittsburgh

Chromed Combat Association [CCA]
Team Ragnor vs Team Scoundrel at Santa Fe
Team Bouncer vs Team Gritt at Boston
Team Shaolin vs Team Molten at Dominica
Team Steelbinder vs Team Clockwork at Vancouver
Team Exterminator vs Team Spite at Havana
Physad Ultimate Combat Organization [PUCO]
Team Bloodhands vs Team Gutpunch at Montreal
Team Criticalstrike vs Team Tragedy at Oakland
Team Razorwhip vs Team Hellshard at Sioux Falls
Team Azuris vs Team Blindangle at Pittsburgh
Team Nexblade vs Team Brokensword at Cleveland
MercWar Pact [MWP]
Team Fulltooth vs Team Wham at Miami
Team Bruise vs Team Bayou at Hartford
Team Volley vs Team Spear at Santiago
Team Duty vs Team Foothold at Guantanamo
Team Battleborn vs Team Pitchfork at Phoenix
Rigger Combat Coalition [RCC]
Team Draft vs Team Sonar at Buffalo
Team Sonar vs Team Draft at San Juan
Team Roam vs Team Squall at Québec City
Team Seaway vs Team Escape at Santiago
Team Badland vs Team Roam at Provo
Open Matrix Decker League [OMDL]
Team Channel vs Team Zealot at Green Bay
Team Bummer vs Team Smartjolt at Toronto
Team Catalyst vs Team Envoy at Toronto
Team Persistence vs Team Burned at Miami
Team Broadband vs Team Disruption at Miami
Technomancer Combat Concord [TCC]
Team Ion vs Team Omnicron at Philadelphia
Team Obscure vs Team Vessel at Charlotte
Team Magnitude vs Team Eridani at Detroit
Team Daedalus vs Team Phaser at Minneapolis
Team Immortal vs Team Neuralstrike at Cleveland
Spellcaster Combat Alliance [SCA]
Team Witchhunt vs Team Spelljock at Austin
Team Radiant vs Team Darklight at Malek’thas
Team Craven vs Team Misty at Hartford
Team Hazescar vs Team Karma at Provo
Team Shade vs Team Silentsong at Yellow Knife
Conjuring Combat Union (CCU)
Team Grave vs Team Spiritwind at Las Vegas
Team Poet vs Team Youngblood at Salt Lake City
Team Dawn vs Team Heartfate at Santiago
Team Dragontooth vs Team Demigod at San Juan
Team Lakestream vs Team Shine at Oakland
Genetic Expression Competition Partnership (GECP]
Team Mustang vs Team Hydrius at Denver
Team Sirene vs Team Cocoon at Manhattan
Team Maw vs Team Broadfang at Tacoma
Team Canis vs Team Venom at Newark
Team Foxtrot vs Team Hydrius at St. Louis


Combat Biker League [CBL]
FDC Shurikens vs Atlanta Rebels at Atlanta
Denver Spirits vs San Carlos Tarpans at San Carlos
Cleveland Commandos vs Cara’Sir Thorns at Cara’Sir
San Carlos Tarpans vs Los Angeles Sabers at Los Angeles
Manhattan Marauders vs Philadelphia Grays at Philadelphia
Urban Brawl League [UBL]
Denver Thunderheads vs Oakland Terminators at Oakland
Miami Spears vs Kitimat Warriors at Kitimat
Cheyenne Dragons vs Ares Predators at Ares
Detroit Nightmares vs St. Louis Slaughter at St. Louis
Tenochtitlán Volcanos vs Providence Champions at Providence

Unified Football League [UFL]
Memphis Rams vs Green Bay Packers at Green Bay
Cincinnati Bengals vs Dallas Cowboys at Dallas
San Francisco 49ers vs Chicago Bears at Chicago
Brooklyn Giants vs Indianapolis Colts at Indianapolis
Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints at New Orleans

Major League Baseball [MLB]
Atlanta Braves vs Houston Astros at Houston
Havana Lions vs Dominican Eagles at Dominica
Boston Red Sox vs Matanza Crocodiles at Matanza
Baltimore Orioles vs Oakland Whales at Oakland
Long Island Mets vs Guantanamo Roughnecks at Guantanamo
Unified Basketball Association [UBA]
Houston Rockets vs Newark Knicks at Newark
FDC Bullets vs Toronto Horsemen at Toronto
Sacramento Kings vs Winnipeg Spurs at Winnipeg
Detroit Pistons vs Phoenix Thunderbirds at Phoenix
Cleveland Bombardiers vs Memphis Soul at Memphis
Unified Hockey League [UHL]
Chicago Blackhawks vs Manhattan Islanders at Manhattan
Salt Lake City Avalanche vs New Jersey Devils at New Jersey
St. Louis Blues vs Boston Bruins at Boston
Kansas City Jets vs Philadelphia Flyers at Philadelphia
Ottawa Senators vs Boston Bruins at Boston

Major League Soccer [MLS]
Columbus Crew vs Toronto City at Toronto
Los Angeles Galaxy vs Montreal Tireurs at Montreal
Seattle Sounders vs Pueblo Grantee at Pueblo
Boston Revolution vs Houston Dynamo at Houston
Los Angeles Galaxy vs Dallas Oilers at Dallas