Downtime #007
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2021-02-16


Name Argoitz Maruyama Was exiled from the industry for including complex, hidden images of dicks in his work, that strangely revealed themselves after people were told "how to look at it". Currently painting caricatures along 33rd st.
Profession Graphic Artist
Gender Male
Metarace Human
Name Riyo Li Na

Apparently in town looking for new challenges, Dr. Na is well known for helping runners deal with anger issues that affect their profit margins. At least she gets right past the bullshit.

Profession Psychologist
Gender Female
Metarace Human
Name Donte Grosskopf

Using, well, whatever the hell he uses, Donte can tell by sense where the biggest fish are, what bait to use, which grounds are best and other underwater information. Unknown if he can detect anything other than fish.

Profession Fisherman
Gender Male
Metarace Ork


Recently dropped off an old fashion (well, 1990s old, not skeleton old) key at a drop box and need a pickup and transfer to Dai Youngson. a locksmith at Pick It Or Fix It to have a copy made and for the copy of the key placed back in the box while the original is to be destroyed.  So, if that doesn't make sense, neither is the fact that the original appears to be a 'blank'.  In any case, it's a quick 350¥ for a ten-block round trip and one of those situations where the 'whys' are pretty much none of our damn business.

Do you like kids?  Eh, probably not.  But maybe a full 10,000¥ will make you swallow your pride and play Shadowrunner at a bratty kid's mansion.  Apparently little 8 year old Jimmy wants to be a Shadowrunner when he grows up and mommy dearest is not only hiring a team for the part, but has roped in some actual suits from his job at Dynamicshow to act as 'targets'.  It's gonna be a crap shoot in a makeshift but elaborate obstacle course and it goes without saying that lethal force is not authorized.  At least for the runner team.  Not sure about the targets.  Anyway, it'll be a fun evening of free champagne for the adults and gun shaped balloons for the kids. And gel rounds and stun bolts people!


Club Ragdoll: Decker/Gamer Bandwidth Battle
How much data can you manage?  How much throughput can you deck, and your brain, handle at once?  The Bandwidth Battle is on and with a newly installed exabyte connections, more deckers than ever can compete for the 50,000¥ prize!  The current champion Elong has decided to sit this one out after destroying his competition with a simulstream of nearly 100,000 porn sites dragging down 22.2 Petabytes per second.  So, if you're willing to shell out the 1,500¥ entrance fee you'll get a comfy couch in our five-story scraper lounge and a hardwire to the central core, because even your fastest wireless is going to be TOO GODDAMN SLOW!  Spectators can view the action by sim or on one of our 500 interpretive displays for 100¥ and be treated to endless Red Bull pitchers and snacks, snacks, snacks!
Uninvited: Floating Fovea Fight Night
You might have the spells, but do you have the brawn to fight without them?  Find out when Uninvited fires up their variable Fovea zone arena and see if you can handle yourself with a blunt object of your choice when a zone suddenly pops up around you.  All non-lethal spells are on the table, as well as a selection of clubs, batons, saps or anything else you can knock somebody the fuck out with.  There's a 2,500¥ prize in the individual competition and a full 10,000¥ in the teams division.  Don't feel like getting zapped or clocked on the head?  Join the unique team of shamans and mages that use their ritual skills to make these fields possible. It only pays 50¥, but it's a great way to meet and greet colleagues, as well as test your overall magical prowess.  And, yes, if you're a mundane meat bag or a magician who just wants to chill, viewer passes are available for 100¥.  Enjoy the show!


TORTURE PORN Blood From Every Orifice IV: We Found Another Hole NC-17
ACTION Y.A. Markus: The Killer Blade Kid PG-13
DOCUMENTARY Nessie Unleashed: The Massacre at Lochend NR
DRAMA The Heart's Trials Of A Banjo Loving Mage PG-13
ACTION The Taking Of The Nantucket Railgun R


Mr. Santa's Combat Christmas Tree Decorating Special
Enjoyable at any time of the year, this collection of elite decorators knows what it’s like to light under pressure, having established tree, dwelling and nativity displays in even the most war and battle torn places on earth.  And now they and their teams bringing battles to primetime to win prizes that benefit their respective organizations, only in surroundings with less artillery, and more vendettas.  But there are, indeed, weapons, nonlethal as they may be, and with a single tree to decorate between 5 teams, the action is guaranteed to get everyone involved on the naughty list.
Were'd They Go?
Keep your eye on Team
Radical as they face Team Void in another round of teleportation capture the flag!  The new Get Gone arena is a massive 20 story web of barriers amid a network of over 200 cameras, and with the Where They'd Go? home game, you can play along!
Who's Outta Ammo?
See one of the greatest skills a runner can have tested live: The ability to know how many bullets are in a clip by lifting it up. And while maybe not the most thrilling of competitions, it is simply friggin’ amazing to see. The categories of clip and clip-and-gun have been joined with a bonus round in which a set of runners combat each other using the gun and clip combos they've judged to have to most remaining rounds. Stun ammo and stunned samurai as hearing that 'click' now sucks extra dick.
Loose Change
Take a break from your hectic life with the reality show voted 'slowest pace' on television.  Watch with patience as contestants from many walks of life compete to find, appraise and sell the coin of the stream!    The rarity of the1893 S Morgan Dollar is well known (well, by numismatists anyway) and contestants will be challenged like never before!  No shadowy involvement this time!  We hope!  Although that hasn't been working out!  At all!


Mixed Team Combat Collective [MTCC]
Team Jenner vs Team Cobra at Sacramento
Team Sawbone vs Team Ambition at Hartford
Team Calamity vs Team Doomstorm at Milwaukee
Team Curse vs Team Perpetuity at Juneau
Team Avalon vs Team Felicity at Oakland

Chromed Combat Association [CCA]
Team Yamath vs Team Spite at Buffalo
Team Gray vs Team Misery at Dallas
Team Glover vs Team Mortal at Sacramento
Team Spite vs Team Kane at Hartford
Team Snuff vs Team Ragnor at Toronto
Physad Ultimate Combat Organization [PUCO]
Team Deepstrike vs Team Battlebleed at Corpus Christi
Team Angelic vs Team Shatter at Memphis
Team Fissure vs Team Meatblade at Mérida
Team Cutdown vs Team Nimble at Memphis
Team Razorwhip vs Team Shadeslayer at Manhattan
MercWar Pact [MWP]
Team Kaboom vs Team Tank at Miami
Team Grumpy vs Team Opposition at Miami
Team Pudgy vs Team Ripmaw at Salt Lake City
Team Wham vs Team Ragnarok at Tacoma
Team Demolition vs Team Annihilator at Columbus
Rigger Combat Coalition [RCC]
Team Seaway vs Team Klunker at Miami
Team Steam vs Team Canopus at Ottawa
Team Clank vs Team Escape at Las Vegas
Team Escape vs Team Rugged at Louisville
Team Trick vs Team Wing at Denver
Open Matrix Decker League [OMDL]
Team Umbrage vs Team Channel at Yellow Knife
Team Engineer vs Team Insurgent at Seattle
Team Persistence vs Team Burned at Salt Lake City
Team Sleeper vs Team Trickster at Matanza
Team Goth vs Team Seam at Richmond
Technomancer Combat Concord [TCC]
Team Neverending vs Team Daedalus at Oakland
Team Sublime vs Team Vessel at Atlanta
Team Mindgame vs Team Darklord at Provo
Team Immortal vs Team Khronus at Austin
Team Darklord vs Team Obscure at Indianapolis
Spellcaster Combat Alliance [SCA]
Team Tranquil vs Team Radiant at Richmond
Team Lightspear vs Team Goodgrace at Salt Lake City
Team Windwinter vs Team Meltdown at Cincinnati
Team Darklight vs Team Thunder at Spokane
Team Glamour vs Team Majestic at New Orleans
Conjuring Combat Union (CCU)
Team Dawn vs Team Fusestorm at Miami
Team Kindred vs Team Spiritwind at Halifax
Team Nomad vs Team Lakestream at Sacramento
Team Skyheart vs Team Borderland at Charlotte
Team Hawkbreed vs Team Skyheart at Edmonton
Genetic Expression Competition Partnership (GECP]
Team Leapfrog vs Team Madaru at Malek’thas
Team Hellhound vs Team Mooshi at Austin
Team Colt vs Team Mesapaw at Salt Lake City
Team Mutt vs Team Kodiak at Santa Fe
Team Breeder vs Team Broadfang at Oklahoma


Combat Biker League [CBL]
Dallas Red Devils vs Cleveland Commandos at Cleveland
Nashville Stars vs Denver Spirits at Denver
Charlotte Hurricanes vs Tacoma Timberwolves at Tacoma
New Orleans Buzzsaws vs Cara’Sir Thorns at Cara’Sir
FDC Shurikens vs Seattle Hogs at Seattle
Urban Brawl League [UBL]
Renraku Invincibles vs Dallas Outlaws at Dallas
Seattle Screamers vs Norfolk Battlers at Norfolk
Providence Champions vs Kitimat Warriors at Kitimat
Chicago Sensations vs Cleveland Chaos at Cleveland
New Orleans Tombstones vs Detroit Nightmares at Detroit

Unified Football League [UFL]
Buffalo Bills vs Brooklyn Giants at Brooklyn
Kansas City Wizards vs Dallas Cowboys at Dallas
Oklahoma Oilers vs Boston Patriots at Boston
Seattle Seahawks vs Charlotte Leviathans at Charlotte
Minnesota Vikings vs Memphis Rams at Memphis

Major League Baseball [MLB]
Houston Astros vs Montreal Expos at Montreal
Cienfuegos Elephants vs FDC Nationals at FDC
Havana Lions vs FDC Nationals at FDC
Kansas City Royals vs San Diego Jaguars at San Diego
Boston Red Sox vs Sacramento Padres at Sacramento
Unified Basketball Association [UBA]
Provo Mountaineers vs Las Vegas Rally at Las Vegas
Cleveland Bombardiers vs Houston Rockets at Houston
Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Thunderbirds at Phoenix
Milwaukee Bucks vs Ottawa Diplomats at Ottawa
Detroit Pistons vs Indianapolis Crossroads at Indianapolis
Unified Hockey League [UHL]
Montreal Canadiens vs New York Rangers at New York
Edmonton Stars vs Pittsburgh Penguins at Pittsburgh
New Jersey Devils vs Toronto Maple Leafs at Toronto
Boston Bruins vs Kansas City Jets at Kansas
Chicago Blackhawks vs Minneapolis Hunters at Minneapolis

Major League Soccer [MLS]
Orlando Civic vs Edmonton Dragons at Edmonton
Montreal Tireurs vs Los Angeles Galaxy at Los Angeles
Manhattan Lightning vs FDC United at FDC
FDC United vs Houston Dynamo at Houston
Montreal Tireurs vs Seattle Sounders at Seattle