Downtime #006
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2021-02-09


EMP/Hit By A Bus

Deceased Strong Horn Responsible Ravenbraid
Profession Street Samurai Profession Adept Special Ops
Gender Male Gender Female
Metarace Troll Metarace Human

Sometimes military grade shielding can, indeed, be useful. Especially if you're in hand to hand combat with an adept and the item you're trying to grab is an EMP. With a clock to the face with the case, the EMP activated, and everything was kinda ok (it's not like this was a nuke) except apparently he kept ALL of his memory in soft storage. Able to do little more than stagger around, devoid of language or common sense, Strong Horn saw a pair of pretty lights heading towards him. Calling him. To the, it was a bus.


Name Saad Gaglio

Caters in all manner of weapons, mainly pistols, but everything is legal and sold in bulk.  Like, 1,000 guns minimum kind of bulk.  You may see him around, accompanied by half a dozen tractor trailers that hold his goods.  His prices are awesome, but, again, only in bulk.  Pretty much the Costco of legal weapons.

Profession Arms Dealer
Gender Male
Metarace Ork
Name Ho Mai

He acts like a gang boss, is protected like a gang boss, mingles with other gang bosses, but nobody can figure out what the hell gang he's actually the boss of.

Profession Gang Boss
Gender Male
Metarace Human
Name Pundari Kupski

Teaches controversial topics about mainstream and shadow religions in popular culture that many find offensive.  Like comic strip of Mohammad fucking a goat kind of offensive.  She was kicked out of her last institution due to unknown cult gunning down half her class.

Profession College Professor
Gender Female
Metarace Human


While you'll only be receiving the name of the actual target shortly before the attack, a distributed team of deckers and/or 'mancers is needed to stage an epic denial of service attack.  Payment seems low, a mere 150¥, but that is for every 30 seconds you can participate in the attack before being knocked offline or having to pull the plug.  Black IC is always a possibility, but the full extent of any danger will be proportional to the target.  Whatever it will be. 

Teddy Bear Charities has been having difficulties lately with a number of their drone and foot deliveries to the D Scraper Kennerton and, since they insist on their own security - non-lethal security - they've been getting robbed right and left.  A benefactor wishes to bring on some additional security without the knowledge of Teddy Bear itself, but are only authorized to use lethal violence on an incident by incident basis and only if protecting a org member from immediate threat of death.  Otherwise, stun and beat downs only.  So, basically, you need to provide bodyguard and shipment security without those you are protecting knowing you're protecting them, or even knowing you're there.  The pay is a flat 7,500¥ for a single night's work and it is hopeful that one really bad night for the two primary gangs involved, the Prospectors and the Grubs, will give them enough of a reason to back off.


FlashBurn: 100 Watt Laser Flashlight Tag Night
Leave the kids at home as the flawless mirrors are raised and everything but light armor and goggles come off on a night of seared flesh and burning hair!  There are now 20 stories worth of tunnels, mirrors, jumps, ropes and any other obstacle you can think of and at least 400 contestants are welcomed to participate at once, with a 50,000¥ prize for whoever can handle being burned to a near husk during the competition without crawling or sprinting to a safe zone for treatment!  The entrance fee is 250¥ and the wide spaced, polarized viewing areas and feeds allow spectators to safely see the action for a 10¥ cover.  Lasers are provided for free (no, you don't get to keep them) but the cost of treatment for your burns?  NOT INCLUDED!

Stampede Sewer Cleaners Presents: Sewer Hover Race
Bring your custom hover scout and compete in a "cash per checkpoint" race through the cavernous expanses of the deep sewers, where, since the vehicles are unarmed, and pilots may only carry a heavy pistol on themselves, were certain to see at least a couple assholes get straight up eaten by monsters! The course consists of a jarring 10 kilometer run with 100 checkpoints, each worth 1,000¥, and even if you're in an accident that left you with nothing but a joystick and, thankfully, a pair of boxer shorts, you still get to keep anything earned prior to the wreck! The entrance fee is absolutely nothing, as Stampede is sponsoring the event, but only 20 of entrants will be chosen to race because, c'mon, you gonna send 1,200 entrants down a sewer conduit, even a huge one, at the same time? Actually, that would be fucking hilarious.


SCI FI HORROR Star Wars Episode XXIX: Baby Yoda's Revenge NC-17
HORROR COMEDY Invasion Of The Hoppy Toads PG-13
ART HOUSE What Secrets Doest Thine Passed Wind Hold? R
CHILDRENS Thanos And Friends' Giggle Time Movie G
HORROR CHILDRENS Hellraiser 19: Hellcows A Comin' PG
ACTION Bullet To The Motherfucking Face! R


MDMA Murder Mystery
In hard core murder mysteries like this one, sometimes you just gotta roll with it. And that's what we got: 10 contestants, all on unique brands of Ecstasy, trying to figure out who killed Coke, the recurring victim of the show, in monkey shit crazy settings and scenarios that make a sober person's head spin. So stream in and catch this week's episode: Coke And The Murder Mayhem Mansion, and find out if there's actually even a killer. Sometimes it's just fun to watch paranoid drugged up people try to solve stuff.
Zombie Hunt
With Dark Vault still raising havoc and, of course, the dead, Season 2 of Zombie Hunt begins in Gettysburg, PA with over a thousand soldiers from both sides reconstituted, refleshed and brought back with the need to put them back down!  They will, indeed, be returned to their actual graves with respect, but these fast runners must first simply be brought down with reagent infused weapons and the will of the magicians and adepts empowered to use them!
Grudge Match
The show with a thousand variables, two runners have decided to take their differences in front of our cameras and go head-to-head in a setting and with the conditions of their choice. And, yeah, they get paid, but the grudges are real and with Ordinance 567.2A in place, perfectly legal, at least at the moment, should this turn into a death match! Consensual duels are kosher, my friends, and this steam's matchup between cyber fiends Sabrecleaver and Croaker in a bombed-out building should delight all! No holds, weapons or gear barred!


Mixed Team Combat Collective [MTCC]
Team Perpetuity vs Team Calamity at Saskatoon
Team Rogue vs Team Gore at Memphis
Team Avalon vs Team Blitzkrieg at Santiago
Team Jenner vs Team Vengeance at Louisville
Team Ironbound vs Team Sawbone at Baltimore

Chromed Combat Association [CCA]
Team Commando vs Team Kane at Juneau
Team Yamath vs Team Damage at Milwaukee
Team Mortal vs Team Shaolin at Havana
Team Scoundrel vs Team Molten at Halifax
Team Shaolin vs Team Gritt at Toronto
Physad Ultimate Combat Organization [PUCO]
Team Injury vs Team Blademaster at Matanza
Team Gutpunch vs Team Injury at FDC
Team Deadedge vs Team Widow at Manhattan
Team Angelic vs Team Downfury at Corpus Christi
Team Blur vs Team Razorwhip at Las Vegas
MercWar Pact [MWP]
Team Tank vs Team Assault at Halifax
Team Battleborn vs Team Pug at Matanza
Team Hatred vs Team Raunch at Kansas City
Team Hinterland vs Team Kaboom at Philadelphia
Team Grumpy vs Team Duty at Louisville
Rigger Combat Coalition [RCC]
Team Trailer vs Team Escape at Calgary
Team Turbocharge vs Team Klunker at Bellingham
Team Gravel vs Team Ranger at Austin
Team Clank vs Team Trick at Cienfuegos
Team Cruise vs Team Seaway at Québec City
Open Matrix Decker League [OMDL]
Team Razzle vs Team Memory at Santa Fe
Team Currency vs Team Jigsaw at Corpus Christi
Team Channel vs Team Catalyst at FDC
Team Seam vs Team Memory at Detroit
Team Bummer vs Team Fetch at Montreal
Technomancer Combat Concord [TCC]
Team Mindhammer vs Team Magnitude at Juneau
Team Reality vs Team Neverending at Ottawa
Team Doctrine vs Team Insane at Calgary
Team Fract vs Team Phaser at Brooklyn
Team Ion vs Team Neuralstrike at Buffalo
Spellcaster Combat Alliance [SCA]
Team Darklight vs Team Nightmare at Louisville
Team Spelljock vs Team Thunder at Sacramento
Team Meltdown vs Team Silentsong at Atlanta
Team Radiant vs Team Majestic at Dominica
Team Thunderbird vs Team Hazescar at Los Angeles
Conjuring Combat Union (CCU)
Team Skyheart vs Team Borderland at Kitmat
Team Divine vs Team Kindred at Philadelphia
Team Grave vs Team Cinderblight at St. Louis
Team Oathbound vs Team Fusestorm at Juneau
Team Hawkbreed vs Team Dawn at Spokane
Genetic Expression Competition Partnership (GECP]
Team Mesapaw vs Team Breeder at Portland
Team Canis vs Team Anaconda at Green Bay
Team Mutt vs Team Hydrius at Denver
Team Starmane vs Team Venom at Chicago
Team Cavefly vs Team Coyote at Philadelphia


Combat Biker League [CBL]
Philadelphia Grays vs Detroit Lightning at Detroit
Seattle Hogs vs Boston Riders at Boston
Dallas Red Devils vs San Carlos Tarpans at San Carlos
Miami Jaguars vs New Orleans Buzzsaws at New Orleans
Denver Spirits vs Atlanta Rebels at Atlanta
Urban Brawl League [UBL]
Oakland Terminators vs Horizon Coordinators at Horizon
Detroit Nightmares vs Havana Guerrillas at Havana
Renraku Invincibles vs Norfolk Battlers at Norfolk
Manhattan Slashers vs Boston Massacre at Boston
Atlanta Butchers vs Tenochtitlán Volcanos at Tenochtitlán

Unified Football League [UFL]
Baltimore Ravens vs Brooklyn Giants at Brooklyn
Charlotte Leviathans vs Philadelphia Eagles at Philadelphia
Los Angeles Juggernauts vs Dallas Cowboys at Dallas
Minnesota Vikings vs Kansas City Wizards at Kansas City
Buffalo Bills vs Green Bay Packers at Green Bay

Major League Baseball [MLB]
Richmond Generals vs Sacramento Padres at Sacramento
Baltimore Orioles vs San Juan Tigers at San Juan
Salt Lake City Angels vs Seattle Mariners at Seattle
Montreal Expos vs Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati
Miami Sharks vs Los Angeles Dodgers at Los Angeles
Unified Basketball Association [UBA]
Newark Knicks vs Houston Rockets at Houston
Winnipeg Spurs vs Phoenix Thunderbirds at Phoenix
Seattle Sonics vs Miami Hurricanes at Miami
Milwaukee Bucks vs Cara’Sir Paladins at Cara’Sir
Chicago Bulls vs Las Vegas Rally at Las Vegas
Unified Hockey League [UHL]
Vancouver Admirals vs Buffalo Sabres at Buffalo
FDC Capitals vs Pittsburgh Penguins at Pittsburgh
Manhattan Islanders vs Calgary Flames at Calgary
Los Angeles Tridents vs Buffalo Sabres at Buffalo
Edmonton Stars vs New Jersey Devils at New Jersey

Major League Soccer [MLS]
Edmonton Dragons vs Indianapolis Racing at Indianapolis
Ottawa Arsenal vs Boston Revolution at Boston
Manhattan Lightning vs Boston Revolution at Boston
Orlando Civic vs Atlanta Thrashers at Atlanta
Toronto City vs Columbus Crew at Columbus