Downtime #005
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2021-02-02


Gunshot To The Back

Deceased Copper Responsible Altaweir (And Self)
Profession Assassin Profession Assassin
Gender Male Gender Male
Metarace Human Metarace Human

Took a contract out on Walnut who took a contract out Bonetask who took a contract out on Altaweir who took a contract out on, well, Copper.  Through a quirk they all ended up in a big circle before combat.  Since Copper was first to fire, causing everyone to go "ughooo" and pull their triggers while falling over dead, cops ruled the whole thing a mass suicide, which double sucks for the victims because they were all Catholic.


Name Thad Dongshaft

In town looking for work.  Featured in such classics as 'The Donginging', 'The Donginging 2' and 'The Return Of The Donginging', apparently he's been having issues getting it up and is looking for a 'solution' around town. 

Profession Porn Simsense Actor
Gender Male
Metarace Troll   
Name Nancy Queen

Passing through collecting debts from some of the wealthiest people in town, which kinda’ makes you wonder exactly how wealthy these people actually are.

Profession Loan Shark
Gender Female
Metarace Ork
Name Andrea Welch

Looking for a challenge and wants to look at the most mysterious deaths around.  She's basically an independent contractor working with cops, runners, or anyone else who needs to know the cause of a weird death.

Profession Coroner
Gender Female
Metarace Elf   


Local Alderperson Jane Testen is making a controversial speech in which he wants to add legality to the quasilegal.  Now, to the runner community, this probably looks a big bit of stupid because, well, quasilegal is pretty much a gray area anyway, you know the legal illegal stuff.  But Jane wants to put it on the books.  And to show how useful those in the shadows can be, she's planned a big rally of soft brained supporters to be heavily streamed  in a large warehouse in the dregs.  She's bringing two batches of runners to cause a ruckus but is keeping each team in the dark as to the others’ intentions.  So, for a flat 7,500¥ your job is to either stop or cause trouble, based on whatever command you receive through your commlink.  Everything is supposed non-lethal, but you're supposed to keep both kinds of weapons handy.  Hey, might just to be fun to see if cooperative combat reigns, or you end up dead center in the clusterfuck of a lifetime.  Not exactly seeing what Jane has to gain in this situation, but not my business.  Or yours.

Hey, man.  I just need a little bag of Heisenberg blue.  Just a little.  I know a guy on the edge of town.  I can't go myself cuz he's still mad that I pooped on his dog.  50¥ to get a 5¥ bag.  C'mon man, I'm really hurting.


To The Pain: Tolerance Competition
Along with their normal courtesy meal whippings and complimentary variable voltage nipple clamps, To The Pain is cooking up more than barbed wire infused steaks.  Compete for a 10,000¥ prize in their legendary scar free, clean voltage pain induction contest against the reigning non suppression ware champion, Godmother.  Or, if you're a wuss, you can go for the Pussy Prize of 500¥ that allows for the use of ware, but what fun is that.  In either case, full medical monitoring is provided, and the Marquis De Sade arena is fully opened so you can view the action from mere meters away.  Viewer passes are available for 250¥, and include a complete meal as well as your choice of acid shots.  Whether you’re inside the arena or out, feel the pain.
BlockChop: Buy Breakdown Move And Build Rally
With the target vehicle the Honda GM-3220, this rally adds a bit more complexity than the Runabouts of competitions past.  The rules are the same: Buy it, break it down, move it to the designated rebuild site (TBA), put it back together and then race it to the finish line, also TBA, because what's the fun in knowing exactly what the hell is going on, eh?  The chase drones are provided by the bar, and spectators can enjoy the race from home or mingle with riggers galore at the bar itself for 25¥.  The winning payout is 100,000¥ so the competition will be fierce.  Past showdown highlights: A big ole' brawl when two teams found the same vehicle at the same lot, a running gunfight when two teams merged on the same highway while carrying their parts, and, perhaps the best finish ever when, half a click from the finish line, two Runabouts rammed head on!  With a sports car in play, the fun should be fast and, without violating copyright, quite furious!


A nearly lethal arm impalement trap almost disqualified Pritchard in our last stream, but his opponent survived, earning him a Golden Spear and a shot at the quarter finals.  But it's time for a sticky maze and contender Frog is a master with an adherence net so it's anybody's match!
Skank And Brah
Will frat boy Trevor bewitch super slut Tequila in time for 1¥ draft night at Big Dicks?  It's down to the wire and betting is open for a season finale guaranteed to reek of tension, desire and beer.


Mixed Team Combat Collective [MTCC]
Team Jenner vs Team Quake at Spokane
Team Clockwork vs Team Sawbone at Tenochtitlán
Team Gore vs Team Wolverine at Nashville
Team Cobra vs Team Naught at Québec
Team Calamity vs Team Doomstorm at Cleveland

Chromed Combat Association [CCA]
Team Mortal vs Team Urban at Tenochtitlán
Team Glover vs Team Spite at Malek’thas
Team Gray vs Team Exterminator at Saskatoon
Team Bouncer vs Team Kane at Ottawa
Team Commando vs Team Reaper at Matanza
Physad Ultimate Combat Organization [PUCO]
Team Injury vs Team Deepstrike at Edmonton
Team Blindangle vs Team Wrath at Edmonton
Team Nimble vs Team Sharp at Nashville
Team Hellstriker vs Team Hyena at Detroit
Team Downfury vs Team Fissure at New Orleans
MercWar Pact [MWP]
Team Pug vs Team Frag at Sioux Falls
Team Grumpy vs Team Bruise at St. Louis
Team Duty vs Team Bluff at Houston
Team Assault vs Team Lunchroom at Baltimore
Team Demolition vs Team Pitchfork at FDC
Rigger Combat Coalition [RCC]
Team Charge vs Team Gravel at Manhattan
Team Trick vs Team Cruise at Richmond
Team Chase vs Team Turbocharge at Edmonton
Team Wing vs Team Trick at Corpus Christi
Team Canopus vs Team Rugged at Cara’Sir
Open Matrix Decker League [OMDL]
Team Memory vs Team Routine at Salt Lake City
Team Jigsaw  vs Team Burned at Mérida
Team Goth vs Team Sleeper at Detroit
Team Umbrage vs Team Catalyst at Chicago
Team Burned vs Team Seam at Memphis
Technomancer Combat Concord [TCC]
Team Omnicron vs Team Eridani at Green Bay
Team Vessel vs Team Sublime at New Orleans
Team Ion vs Team Vexacion at Santa Fe
Team Obscure vs Team Fract at Helena
Team Connect vs Team Daedalus at Phoenix
Spellcaster Combat Alliance [SCA]
Team Shade vs Team Scald at San Diego
Team Tarragon vs Team Witchhunt at Philadelphia
Team Craven vs Team Masquerade at Cheyenne
Team Radiant vs Team Corona at Matanza
Team Golden vs Team Karma at Los Angeles
Conjuring Combat Union (CCU)
Team Borderland vs Team Dragontooth at Québec City
Team Skyheart vs Team Kindred at Edmonton
Team Nomad vs Team Skyfeet at Austin
Team Spiritwind vs Team Fusestorm at Havana
Team Dragontooth vs Team Dirge at Kansas City
Genetic Expression Competition Partnership (GECP]
Team Jaguar vs Team Canine at Manhattan
Team Mustang vs Team Maw at Nashville
Team Colt vs Team Leapfrog at Charlotte
Team Canis vs Team Coyote at Guantanamo
Team Mooshi vs Team Feral at Milwaukee


Combat Biker League [CBL]
Cara’Sir Thorns vs New Orleans Buzzsaws at New Orleans
San Carlos Tarpans vs Baltimore Spartans at Baltimore
Nashville Stars vs Tacoma Timberwolves at Tacoma
Boston Riders vs Phoenix Thunderbirds at Phoenix
Cleveland Commandos vs Dallas Red Devils at Dallas
Urban Brawl League [UBL]
Denver Thunderheads vs Seattle Screamers at Seattle
Norfolk Battlers vs Miami Spears at Miami
St. Louis Slaughter vs Cincinnati Lasers at Cincinnati
Montreal Assassins vs Atlanta Butchers at Atlanta
Tenochtitlán Volcanos vs Detroit Nightmares at Detroit

Unified Football League [UFL]
Miami Dolphins vs San Francisco 49ers at San Francisco
Charlotte Leviathans vs Cleveland Browns at Cleveland
Miami Dolphins vs Los Angeles Juggernauts at Los Angeles
Austin Texans vs Orlando Thunder at Orlando
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Phoenix Cardinals at Phoenix

Major League Baseball [MLB]
San Diego Jaguars vs Baltimore Orioles at Baltimore
St. Louis Cardinals vs FDC Nationals at FDC
Havana Lions vs Boston Red Sox at Boston
Matanza Crocodiles vs Santiago de Cuba Wasps at Santiago
Vancouver Harbours vs Miami Sharks at Miami
Unified Basketball Association [UBA]
Detroit Pistons vs Las Vegas Rally at Las Vegas
Vancouver Clippers vs FDC Bullets at FDC
Cara’Sir Paladins vs Brooklyn Nets at Brooklyn
Dallas Mavericks vs Memphis Soul at Memphis
Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers at Philadelphia
Unified Hockey League [UHL]
Buffalo Sabres vs Toronto Maple Leafs at Toronto
Brooklyn Rangers vs Manhattan Islanders at Manhattan
Detroit Red Wings vs New Jersey Devils at New Jersey
Los Angeles Tridents vs Pittsburgh Penguins at Pittsburgh
Buffalo Sabres vs Boston Bruins at Boston

Major League Soccer [MLS]
Seattle Sounders vs Los Angeles Galaxy at Los Angeles
Dallas Oilers vs Orlando Civic at Orlando
Houston Dynamo vs Toronto City at Toronto
Ottawa Arsenal vs Indianapolis Racing at Indianapolis
Columbus Crew vs Boston Revolution at Boston