Downtime #004
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2021-01-26


Pulled Into Drone Rotor By Cape


Lorean Lian

Responsible Edna Wilkman
Profession Aircraft Mechanic Profession Jet Bridge Operator
Gender Female Gender Female
Metarace Troll Metarace Human

In poor Lorean's defense it was Halloween and nobody expected that guy who moves the gate to the airplanes (who, as one comedian once put it, 'drives the building') to fire up a MQ-8 Fire Scout during the costume contest.  Needless to say, in the future...(sigh)...NO CAPES!


Name Ooze

The man will not shut up, but must have a really powerful benefactor watching over him.  Anybody who has tried to fuck with him has ended up getting the crap beaten out of them by some random guys and/or gals in black.  He once got put in hospital and hell rained down on the team that put him there.

Profession Snitch
Gender Male
Metarace Troll

Lilia Khomeini

Lilia took over The Grand fork in The Sticks and uncovered a network of cameras throughout the place.  So, if you stayed there prior to her arrival, might, you know, want to be careful.  Lila is happy to completely wipe any incriminating information, for a moderate fee.

Profession Hotel Manager
Gender Female
Metarace Human

Jordan Einertson

Poking around investigating an apparent stay by Harlequin in the area  She pays for information for her book, but some very unlucky things seem to be happening to those who have spoken with her.
Profession Mystical Historian
Gender Female
Metarace Human  


The gargoyle statures on the roof of the newly leased Tower Of Jehovah have been sitting three per corner for years.  And the church really isn't keen on them being able there.  Now there are some rumors here and there than they come alive at night, blah, blah, but when aren't there rumors about gargoyles coming to life.  The end game is they want them removed, and while an chopper crew from Granitelligence has been secured to detach and remove the figures, the company itself is offering 2,500¥ to any combat runners they want to just kinda hang around in case something goes wrong.

Devil pigeons.  A fucking lot of them, with a few full fledge demon pigeons thrown in.  Needle shark beaks, infected and acid droppings and there's HUNDREDS.  A project to create a scraper top restaurant is on hold because workers and even many drones have been injured and destroyed.  Granted, it was The Summer Bear corporation’s decision to firebomb the nests on the roof that started this thing, but business is business.  So were putting the word out that there's a bounty of 1¥ for normal pigeons (cuz there's a shit load of those, too) 5¥ for devil pigeons at 10¥ per demon pigeon.  Be sure to document you're work because you'll need some kind of kill evidence when everybody gathers together to figure out who killed what.  We already got a few on board, so you've got competition.  And, considering the damage already done to the roof from the ill-fated firebombing, no explosives or manipulation spells that may damage the structure.


Strike: PGP2 Drone War Open
With a 50th story view of the Prince George's Phase 2 Exclusion Zone and a roof top launch pad, the rigger utopia club ‘Strike’ has put together a 20,000¥ prize in both the air and air drop ground categories with a mere 750¥ entrance fee and the opportunity for thousands more nuyen in future competition sponsorships.  Normal build rules apply: Your drone must be at least 50% custom and equipped with max encryption to keep those pesky feds from ruining our fun.  A comfy control chair is part of the deal and lookie loos can watch in our multi-level rigger techno themed lounge for a 25¥ cover.  See what your drone can do, and help every rigger see what gear the feds will invite to the fight.  And, of course, go after your salvage at your own peril!

Larry's Legito Land: Block Bash Night
Got 250¥ for the entrance fee and even a lose grasp structural engineering?  Then sign up for the block bashing event of, well, the week because, yup, it's every week.  BUT this time the theme is Space Legitos, (which are not at all just repainted Legos used to avoid a costly lawsuit), and a multi-tiered factory scraper setting is ready for the ruckus.  The blocks drop like rain at midnight and you got 10 minutes to grab and build before the bashing begins!  Lob a block of bricks or bash with a well-made sword, with no armor permitted it comes down to will and, probably, a lot of ortho skin.  And, overtly lethal moves are forbidden again, because of that dick who got all the big flat blocks last week, Rambore, who is actually returning to fight again this week.  There’s a designated 'norm' fight two stories down with a 100¥ fee, 5k purse.  But why muck around with a 5,000¥ prize when you can win a full 25,000¥ if you're a badass who can survive the battle royale!  Spectators pay a mere 20¥ cover and the expansive venue seats up to 2,500!  And, as usual, management is NOT responsible for collateral damage!  Go to it, block heads!


Loser Fights
After getting knocked out by a six-year-old swinging a lollipop, snowflake “Curt” is the current champion.  But can he be dropped by a toddler tossing a Lego?  With a record of 0 for 234, it's anybody's guess!  (Though guessing he’ll win would probably be wrong.)
Ninja Gardner
After planting 50 carrots in 60 seconds, master ninja Cleopatra Pai s poised to take the lead over Shigeaki Fujimoto in tonight's fast paced episode featuring everybody's favorite vegetable: Eggplants!

Trigger Trivia
The game show with two winners, the one who gets the most answers right and gets shot less with gel rounds, and the one who gets the most answers wrong and gets shot with the most - and remains conscious.  This stream's topic: Late 17th Century Scandinavian Philosophers!  So, you know, expect a lot of gel rounds.


Mixed Team Combat Collective [MTCC]
Team Chasm vs Team Quake at Buffalo
Team Slink vs Team Chasm at Matanza
Team Mongrel vs Team Divinity at Kitmat
Team Excalibur vs Team Ironbound at Santa Fe
Team Sawbone vs Team Blitzkrieg at Houston

Chromed Combat Association [CCA]
Team Vagrant vs Team Commando at Bellingham
Team Rumbler vs Team Bouncer at Charlotte
Team Revolt vs Team Spite at Las Vegas
Team Reaper vs Team Gritt at Cincinnati
Team Butcher vs Team Kane at Indianapolis
Physad Ultimate Combat Organization [PUCO]
Team Nimble vs Team Fistbreath at Orlando
Team Sharp vs Team Injury at Tacoma
Team Nervestrike vs Team Battlebleed at Winnipeg
Team Hellstriker vs Team Fissure at Houston
Team Deepstrike vs Team Widow at Brooklyn
MercWar Pact [MWP]
Team Ragnarok vs Team Volley at Seattle
Team Bruise vs Team Demolition at New Orleans
Team Battleborn vs Team Pug at Nashville
Team Tank vs Team Wham at FDC
Team Kaboom vs Team Frag at Green Bay
Rigger Combat Coalition [RCC]
Team Trick vs Team Clank at San Francisco
Team Raider vs Team Wake at Louisville
Team Slick vs Team Hover at Saskatoon
Team Ravine vs Team Badland at Richmond
Team Wing vs Team Trailer at Memphis
Open Matrix Decker League [OMDL]
Team Smartjolt vs Team Electrode at New Kingston
Team Disruption vs Team Envoy at Vancouver
Team Bummer vs Team Sleeper at Halifax
Team Gatekeeper vs Team Routine at Santiago
Team Persistence vs Team Zealot at Denver
Technomancer Combat Concord [TCC]
Team Judgement vs Team Mindhammer at Saskatoon
Team Eridani vs Team Indigo at Las Vegas
Team Obscure vs Team Darklord at Cara’Sir
Team Omnicron vs Team Daedalus at Helena
Team Phaser vs Team Immortal at Tacoma
Spellcaster Combat Alliance [SCA]
Team Meltdown vs Team Thunder at Cincinnati
Team Dragonclaw vs Team Witchhunt at Philadelphia
Team Silentsong vs Team Misty at Kansas City
Team Windwinter vs Team Corona at Kitmat
Team Thunderbird vs Team Smolder at Calgary
Conjuring Combat Union (CCU)
Team Dragontooth vs Team Skyheart at Bellingham
Team Divine vs Team Demigod at Orlando
Team Fullthunder vs Team Sundance at Matanza
Team Lakestream vs Team Fullthunder at Tenochtitlán
Team Mythic vs Team Divine at Phoenix
Genetic Expression Competition Partnership (GECP]
Team Madaru vs Team Starmane at Las Vegas
Team Broadfang vs Team Feral at Salt Lake City
Team Sirene vs Team Mutt at Los Angeles
Team Squeal vs Team Canis at Havana
Team Crow vs Team Rabid at Juneau


Combat Biker League [CBL]
Atlanta Rebels vs San Carlos Tarpans at San Carlos
Detroit Lightning vs Dallas Red Devils at Dallas
San Francisco Knights vs Nashville Stars at Nashville
Charlotte Hurricanes vs San Carlos Tarpans at San Carlos
Tacoma Timberwolves vs Miami Jaguars at Miami
Urban Brawl League [UBL]
Denver Thunderheads vs Tenochtitlán Volcanos at Tenochtitlán
St. Louis Slaughter vs Atlanta Butchers at Atlanta
Seattle Screamers vs Cheyenne Dragons at Cheyenne
Dallas Outlaws vs Horizon Coordinators at Horizon
Boston Massacre vs Portland Paladins at Portland

Unified Football League [UFL]
Miami Dolphins vs Pittsburgh Steelers at Pittsburgh
Richmond Raiders vs Chicago Bears at Chicago
Seattle Seahawks vs Austin Texans at Austin
FDC Chieftains vs Charlotte Leviathans at Charlotte
Boston Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons at Atlanta

Major League Baseball [MLB]
Miami Sharks vs Atlanta Braves at Atlanta
Manhattan Yankees vs San Juan Tigers at San Juan
Miami Marlins vs Mérida Spears at Mérida
Kansas City Royals vs Santiago de Cuba Wasps at Santiago
Dallas Lone Stars vs New Kingston Krakens at New Kingston
Unified Basketball Association [UBA]
Ottawa Diplomats vs Cleveland Bombardiers at Cleveland
San Francisco Cavaliers vs Milwaukee Bucks at Milwaukee
St. Louis Archers vs Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles
Newark Knicks vs Brooklyn Nets at Brooklyn
Toronto Horsemen vs Dallas Mavericks at Dallas
Unified Hockey League [UHL]
San Francisco Sharks vs Los Angeles Tridents at Los Angeles
Salt Lake City Avalanche vs Pittsburgh Penguins at Pittsburgh
Manhattan Islanders vs Toronto Maple Leafs at Toronto
Montreal Canadiens vs New Jersey Devils at New Jersey
Minneapolis Hunters vs Boston Bruins at Boston

Major League Soccer [MLS]
San Francisco Breakers vs Pueblo Grantee at Pueblo
FDC United vs Toronto City at Toronto
Atlanta Thrashers vs Edmonton Dragons at Edmonton
Dallas Oilers vs Seattle Sounders at Seattle
Manhattan Lightning vs Vancouver Whitecaps at Vancouver