Downtime #003
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2021-01-19


Spike Through The Chin


Arnis Gatsioudis



Profession Hair Stylist Profession Mercenary Gunner
Gender Male Gender Female
Metarace Elf Metarace Ork

Forgot to disable the telescoping spike nestled in a cylindrical area of her brain that was created years earlier by a flat head knock back round directly in the to the top of the skull.  This also resulted in a split brain and apparently during a trim he got pissed off while arguing amongst himself and, well, splurth.



Loucas Salhab         

Apparently, it hurts like a motherfucker, but Loucas can perform amazing, albeit temporary, facial recognition fakes with an intense knowledge of bio and mechanical nanites.  Moves around and hard to find, and, again, emphasis on the 'hurts like a motherfucker'.
Profession Makeup Artist
Gender Male
Metarace Dwarf

Kamala Kamperman

Researching a novel about the downtime night habits and cohesion amongst runner teams, Kamala is going around asking a lot of questions, without much regard for her own safety.  The most concerning thing is who she's asking, as they tend to have buried themselves pretty deep and nobody's sure how she's locating them.
Profession Historian
Gender Female
Metarace Ork    

Buda Armendariz

It's understandable why this guy never sticks around in cities and towns he's toured, and rarely comes back: His jokes are really, really, really racist.  They're across-the board-racist, towards his own race as well as all others, but, wow, friggin' racist.
Profession Stand-Up Comic
Gender Male



Looking for some volunteers to test some electrical sinks for Signalimited.  They supposedly lessen the blow from shock gloves, tasers and the like.  Yeah, they're nothing new, but Bishop. the rarely seen eccentric owner claims the new partial body webbing is lighter and covers less but pretty much does the same thing as full armor lacing.  So a full 1,000¥ to get zapped a few times while wearing what amounts to partial fishnet underwear with a small sink attached.  Ok, and if it fails, like, out like a light fails, an extra 2,000¥ will be paid.  Out cold with light burns?  5,000¥, but an unlikely outcome.  Disclosure of any cyberware is required, but kept confidential.  Apparently, an experiment with a sammy who had wired skills, reflexes and lacing, did not end well.

How about 400¥ for a quick drone scout?  Crazy dude I know insists he saw an alien spacecraft slam into the 50th floor of the Dansman tower.  Pretty sure the floor is unoccupied, but did try with another contractor and, well, his Condor disappeared.  So, maybe something with a little armor.  Odds are it's just Scutey messing with people with her weird ass round alien looking bug zapper creations again.  Anyway, just need some video.


Museum Of The Shadows: Harlequin Exposed
Many people are excited and intrigued about an exhibit covering one of the most dynamic and mysterious entities of the mid to late 2000s and have apparently chosen, just as a precaution to, you know, not go.  Purported to have exhibits ranging from original writings to fragments of masks, tickets to the displays that meander through nearly a kilometer of maze-like aisles over several levels of a scraper run 2,000¥, up from 25¥ because, like, EVERYBODY is too freaked to attend and I think whoever runs it is just trying to pay the rent with the hard cores.  One of the first visitors apparently made it five meters into the labyrinthian construct before running out with blood fountaining from her eyes.  But, in any case, if you're up for an experience of a life/death time, stop on by!  Grand re re re re opening at midnight!

Emmers College Annex: Police Sketch Class
With people now able to basically 'print out' their memories, sketching in general is fast becoming a lost art, and police sketching is almost nonexistent.  But, if you want to learn something unique and useful, this 2500¥, three-night class will help you learn a challenging and still useful art.  Not everybody can receive a Bluetooth transmission, but there's always an iPad or Surface or perhaps even paper to draw up an image. Still trucking at age 92, former FDC Metro artist Hatsuyo Romanoff will help pass on an art that deserves to survive.


Ass Fights Xtreme
Streamed in super wide simscreen, the biggest ortho-laced-plated-and, yes, sometimes-explosive ablated-asses are ready for a badass bash!  With the addition of a completely new class for contestants equipped with reverse running enhancements, this slam bam is gonna make you say "Oh, man . . . what the unholy FUCK am I watching?". Sim or trid-in, but if you're going in hot . . . uh . . . might want to suppress the olfactory option.

Best Bodyguard
Reality with a twist, 5 bodyguard contestants and their charges have volunteered to be the target of a mock assassination.  Who's gonna 'die' in this round?  With this stream's theme being 'snipers', our drones will cover all the tranq-dart targeting, with exclusive smartlink view taking you to a barrel level view of the action!


Mixed Team Combat Collective [MTCC]
Team Felicity vs Team Wasteland at Salt Lake City
Team Perpetuity vs Team Avalon at Winnipeg
Team Avalon vs Team Doomstorm at Provo
Team Blitzkrieg vs Team Wasteland at Montreal
Team Quake vs Team Cherokee at Helena

Chromed Combat Association [CCA]
Team Reaper vs Team Ragnor at Orlando
Team Exterminator vs Team Gamble at Provo
Team Gritt vs Team Kane at Miami
Team Crook vs Team Scoundrel at Las Vegas
Team Clockwork vs Team Damage at Sacramento
Physad Ultimate Combat Organization [PUCO]
Team Meatblade vs Team Razorwhip at Newark
Team Hellshard vs Team Criticalstrike at Brooklyn
Team Hyena vs Team Blademaster at Toronto
Team Criticalstrike vs Team Bloodhands at Salt Lake City
Team Angelic vs Team Shatter at Newark
MercWar Pact [MWP]
Team Volley vs Team Beanstalk at Guantanamo
Team Pitchfork vs Team Bayou at Richmond
Team Sergeant vs Team Duty at Chicago
Team Ripmaw vs Team Lunchroom at Seattle
Team Pudgy vs Team Raunch at Oakland

Rigger Combat Coalition [RCC]
Team Canopus vs Team Rattle at Milwaukee
Team Draft vs Team Trailer at Hartford
Team Ranger vs Team Wing at Edmonton
Team Clank vs Team Wake at Philadelphia
Team Squall vs Team Ranger at New Orleans
Open Matrix Decker League [OMDL]
Team Webb vs Team Electrode at Portland
Team Goth vs Team Routine at Oakland
Team Bolt vs Team Memory at Kansas City
Team Catalyst vs Team Envoy at New Orleans
Team Persistence vs Team Insurgent at Los Angeles
Technomancer Combat Concord [TCC]
Team Vessel vs Team Neuralstrike at Edmonton
Team Immortal vs Team Vessel at Houston
Team Mindgame vs Team Mindhammer at Milwaukee
Team Connect vs Team Nimbus at San Diego
Team Nimbus vs Team Daedalus at Saskatoon
Spellcaster Combat Alliance [SCA]
Team Radiant vs Team Hazescar at Las Vegas
Team Mirth vs Team Majestic  at Mérida
Team Smolder vs Team Windwinter at Orlando
Team Fizzle vs Team Lightspear at Juneau
Team Corona vs Team Craven at Las Vegas
Conjuring Combat Union (CCU)
Team Skyfeet vs Team Spiritwind at Cheyenne
Team Borderland vs Team Kindred at Green Bay
Team Skyheart vs Team Youngblood at FDC
Team Mythic vs Team Dragontooth at Oklahoma
Team Cinderblight vs Team Dirge at Santiago
Genetic Expression Competition Partnership (GECP]
Team Cavefly vs Team Mutt at New Kingston
Team Madaru vs Team Jaguar at Ottawa
Team Colt vs Team Broadfang at Montreal
Team Crow vs Team Madaru at Tenochtitlán
Team Squeal vs Team Bane at Phoenix


Combat Biker League [CBL]
Cleveland Commandos vs Dallas Red Devils at Dallas
Nashville Stars vs San Carlos Tarpans at San Carlos
Boston Riders vs New Orleans Buzzsaws at New Orleans
Houston Mustangs vs Detroit Lightning at Detroit
Charlotte Hurricanes vs Los Angeles Sabers at Los Angeles
Urban Brawl League [UBL]
Denver Thunderheads vs Tenochtitlán Volcanos at Tenochtitlán
Atlanta Butchers vs Norfolk Battlers at Norfolk
Denver Thunderheads vs Portland Paladins at Portland
Chicago Sensations vs Manhattan Slashers at Manhattan
Cincinnati Lasers vs St. Louis Slaughter at St. Louis

Unified Football League [UFL]
Austin Texans vs Green Bay Packers at Green Bay
Richmond Raiders vs Phoenix Cardinals at Phoenix
Memphis Rams vs Dallas Cowboys at Dallas
Oklahoma Oilers vs Brooklyn Giants at Brooklyn
Green Bay Packers vs Richmond Raiders at Richmond

Major League Baseball [MLB]
Guantanamo Roughnecks vs Pittsburgh Pirates at Pittsburgh
Seattle Mariners vs Boston Red Sox at Boston
Montreal Expos vs Philadelphia Phillies at Philadelphia
Portland Lords vs Los Angeles Dodgers at Los Angeles
Miami Sharks vs San Juan Tigers at San Juan
Unified Basketball Association [UBA]
Newark Knicks vs Ottawa Diplomats at Ottawa
Toronto Horsemen vs Minneapolis Timberwolves at Minneapolis
Vancouver Clippers vs Seattle Sonics at Seattle
San Francisco Cavaliers vs Chicago Bulls at Chicago
Minneapolis Timberwolves vs Phoenix Thunderbirds at Phoenix
Unified Hockey League [UHL]
Minneapolis Hunters vs Toronto Maple Leafs at Toronto
Philadelphia Flyers vs Chicago Blackhawks at Chicago
Malek’thas Ducks vs Detroit Red Wings at Detroit
Ottawa Senators vs Vancouver Admirals at Vancouver
Los Angeles Tridents vs Buffalo Sabres at Buffalo

Major League Soccer [MLS]
Miami Unified vs Los Angeles Galaxy at Los Angeles
Edmonton Dragons vs Atlanta Thrashers at Atlanta
San Francisco Breakers vs Orlando Civic at Orlando
Columbus Crew vs Toronto City at Toronto
Indianapolis Racing vs Pueblo Grantee at Pueblo