Blackjack's People #162
Evening's End
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2019-12-19

If you blackout from BTLs or beer, you may very well end up waking up at 3:00 am, hanging out with those who always end the night in a gutter. Meet the scum of the social ladder.

Stub A Dub

Archetype: Human BTL Addict (M)

Stub A Dub always starts partying earliest with the best BTL slotted, but always ends it with the worst, barely maintaining a buzz and making him extremely unpredictable in both mood and actions. You could be having a decent, but usually slurred, conversation and then Stub will jump straight up in the air, land on all fours, and then announce that heís monster hunting before returning to his normal self. This chaos is suppressed earlier in the evening, but becomes pronounced the later the evening lasts and the crappier the quality of the BTLs get. Another unusual transformation is how he starts his evening in 3,000 nuyen suits and sometimes ends it in his form fitting underwear, having sold his original clothing for BTL money. Nobody is certain where Stub lives, he just tends to show up at parties and his charisma (as well as a forged invitation) gets him in. By morning, Stub can still be found awake, chatting with those who accompanied him on his path to the gutter.


Archetype: Elf Prostitute (F)

With specialized Ďlady partsí that can give a man or woman the time of their life, by the end of the evening Radiant is worn out, strung out and often running low on internal battery power. (Because apparently a discount mechanical vagina uses up a lot of electricity.) Even Radiantís mood and demeanor is pummeled throughout the day as she starts out a sober, fit and overall attractive high class prostitute an often ends up drunk, stoned and taking part is something thatís probably bukkake related. Other than her naughties, Radiant also has made heavy use of cyber and bioware to increase her flexibility, agility and strength. If forced to fight, Radiant will pop out her spurs, grab her smartgun equipped Manhunter and go to town. Unfortunately, she usually has to buy a new gun every other day because she often loses it in the haze of her social activities. But her ultimate weapon may be her bits and pieces themselves as she can clamp down *hard* on anybody stupid enough to try to rough her up while still inside of her.


Archetype: Human BTL Dealer (F)

Phase, an imposing woman not afraid to flash a lot of once shiny chrome, Phase used to get the first run BTLs, cream of the cortex crop, but that was 15 years ago and her slippage has gone almost as far as it can go, She gets out of date BTLs, but uses her intimidation to sell them for crappy mark-up to squatters who donít know any better. Sheís often found psudo-comotose, filing through BTLs like they were Skittles, looking for any way to feel. Her dealing is automatic, her mannerisms seem scripted, and she is clearly just going through the motions to get her fix, though she hides it fairly well. No shaking, no begging, but sometimes the makup clears off of the burn marks around her datajack and the truth is revealed.

Daniel Mulligan

Archetype: Human Factory Worker (M)

Daniel Mulligan spends 10 hours a day, 7 days a week Ďinserting chip A into slot Bí which, due to some minor variables, strangely cannot be done robotically. So, all day, minus smoke and lunch breaks, Daniel inserts chip A into slot B. Over and over, constantly on the verge of going monkey shit, but keeping it together because he knows that Friday is coming and, as he does every Friday, Daniel spends the night experiencing new drugs, nailing prostitutes and ultimately ending up passing out in an alley or sewer, sometimes for a full 2 days, waking up on Sunday night and dragging himself home so he can get some real sleep and put on a smile as he returns to inserting chip A into slot B the following day. The factory shooting scenarios roaming around Danielís head are worthy of a shadowrunner plan, but he seriously doubts things will get to that point. Some of his inebriated ramblings speak of these plans and he once even sold one of his scenarios to a Sammy who, thankfully, has not used this information. Yet.


Archetype: Troll Former Street Samurai (M)

A cyberless street samurai, Monster had intended on retiring. Retired, actually, with a good nest egg and a strong urge to remove his cyberware. Which he did. Unfortunately, it was the day before an epic frame up and data steal left him penniless and incarcerated for embezzlement. After a 5 year stint in the joint, he emerged to a culture that no longer respected or needed him. He lives in a squatter tenement and drinks heavily, only leaving to go to a bar, liquor store or whore house. Or gutter, if he doesnít make it back home. Still imposing in height, much of Monsterís bulk is long gone, and the remainder is weakened from decades of relying of cybered and bio assistance. Still with a few markers out on him, Monster waits for that sweet, sweet day when the one he doesnít hear is the finally the one that gets him.