Blackjack's People #146
Phantom Response
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@sr_blackjack]

Posted: 2019-03-22


Archetype: Human Special Ops Commander/Co-Pilot

Working from a hidden base and working exclusively with the megacorps, Mesa and her team use their stealth modified Agular GX-3AT to conduct raids, extract runners, provider fire support and engage in virtually any other mission the corps can come up with, and all at a moment's notice.  Mesa, 5’4” of cold, calculating military brilliance, runs the show, pulling knowledge from her vast experience obtained both in the field, as well as countless hours of military related trid and documentation research.  During transit and during any downtime, Mesa is usually in augmented or virtually reality studying from knowledgesofts or the matrix itself, although she still carries around a paperback when she needs to pay a bit more attention to her surroundings.  On the ground, Mesa relies heavily on the rest of the team’s support when she has to stop shooting for a moment to manifest one of her always brilliant plans. 


Archetype: Human Special Ops General Firearms Support

Both armed with Ares Alphas, Prators, Government 2066s and a butt load of ordinance, Ballista and Rakka decided to both use the same weapons, both for ease of maintenance and so they can do cool stuff like toss matching ammo to each other during a firefight.  The two work like a well-oiled machine and have mastered the art of the tank and spank.  Ballista’s ware forms a nice balance between protection and speed, he having originally been plucked from the streets after he was already decked out with ware.  While Ballista is effective in any environment, he is truly in his element during urban missions.  While normally decked out in mercenary camo armored jackets and clothing, both Ballista and Rakka have access to military grade armor if the situation calls for it.


Archetype: Ork Special Ops General Firearms Support

Relying on her natural defenses to take on the brunt of damage, Rakka has focused mainly of speed enhancements, primarily in an effort to keep pace with Ballista.  While Mesa’s team has voted down the implementation of an integrated cybernetic combat system for the entire team, Ballista and Rakka were permitted to install their own systems that work only between the two, turning them into an even deadlier combo.  Both are big fans of late 20th century television and they will often trade jokes and quotes across their private network.  Platonically very emotionally close, both have taken a vow to never, ever take a bullet for each other because they don’t want the survivor to have to deal with the guilt that would certainly manifest from such a scenario.


Archetype: Elf Special Ops Sniper

The only member of the team who is permitted to use drugs, Centerstrike has what seems to be exclusive access to a short duration mind altering drug that narrows your focus into a beam, relaying sensory information only for that which lies within the mental aperture.  The up-shot is that you can get an unwavering sight on any selected target.  The down-shot is that you experience nothing but what appears in that field of view unless something dramatic happens outside of it.  But an electrical shock, emitted form a device embedded in Centerstrike’s armor after a preset amount of time, will also knock Centerstrike back to reality.  A bit uppity when his scrawny, cyberless butt takes out more targets than his colleagues, if Centerstrike isn’t on a mission you’ll find him at the range continuing to perfect his craft.


Archetype: Troll Special Ops Heavy Weapons

No stereotypes broken here, the troll gets to carry the big gun, at least when they let him out of his ‘cage’, the loving name he gives to the unit’s transport.  Mesa decided to keep him in reserve after realizing that the bad guys often didn’t whip out their assault cannons until Atlas did.  But when the need arises to blow something the fuck up, Atlas dashes to the scene.  And dash he does, relying of bio/cyberware to jack up his quickness and simply hitting the gym all the time to build up his bulk.  Generally kind, but maybe with too much of a hit on his intelligence during goblinization, Atlas has to be carefully coached during a fight so he doesn’t get confused, freak the fuck out, and start going berserk on the bad guys.  Mesa makes sure that, once Atlas’ support is no longer needed, he returns to the chopper.


Archetype: Human Special Ops Neuromancer

In his late 20s and bubbly to the point of irritation, Dex usually acts like the annoying party guest who just dropped acid for the first time and wants to tell everybody everything they are experiencing, although Dex usually has the control to not run her mouth during actually operations.  Dex’s basic job is simply find place to hide where she can do the most damage to enemy PANs and combat networks, while still defending her own teams assets from enemy corruption.  While normally able to operate from the chopper, Dex will occasionally don her chameleon form fitting armor suit and sprint to a more effective location.  In some cases, Dax simply hangs out with Centerstrike since both of their jobs are often spent just sitting around, albeit Dax is processing loads of data while doing it. 


Archetype: Human Special Ops Mage

Shard was recruited right from collage as he attended MIT’s School of Magical Science, where he initially went to simply design spells, studying casting them only during his spare time.  But as Shard got a taste for more and more power, he ditched research and went full force into casting.  While still only a lower level initiate, Shard has specialized in Manipulation spells (par for the course when you study “magical science”) but is quickly increasing his skills in Detection and Healing.  Shard doesn’t spend much time in astral as most of his Manipulation spells require that he stick to the mundane plane in order to use them, mostly using perception and only popping into astral when recon is desperately needed.  Of few words, Shard is always 100% focused on his task, be it listening to orders or zonking out a security guard. 


Archetype: Elf Special Ops Rigger

The team’s current Agular is not their first.  Or their third.  In fact, Haywire has run a total of five choppers into the ground, but not once before reaching home base.  Vocal, energetic and always narrating exactly how fucked the team is as they’re chased by Gryphons, Haywire has tripled the number of diagnostic sensors on the craft so he can get a better “feel” for the vehicle as it misses barriers by millimeters and pulls G’s that stresses the vehicle’s internal structure nearly to the breaking point.  The drone and weapon configuration of the Agular changes from mission to mission, although a tricked out Dalmatian is always included.