Ork Dog Shaman

Rex does, indeed, talk like Scooby Doo, in addition to having hair growing out and over every possible body surface.  When not tending shop, he’s usually off in some sparsely populated suburban park, casting low level mana spells at squirrels and yelling at cats to fuck off.  Overly friendly to all patrons, he aims to please, and loves free jerky.  His store, Trinkets, is small but elaborate, the staff capable of producing everything from simple talismans to high level foci.  Known to no one but his staff, there is a small safe hidden in the basement, warded and trapped, that contains several millions dollars’ worth of orichalcum, although on the surface it appears only a pittance is available for alchemic endeavors


Elf Street Mage

While Rex handles the negotiations and sales, Mythic is in charge of the day to day operation of Trinkets, and he is damn serious about his job.  Since Rex has banned any computer systems more complicated than an abacus, Mythic must constantly monitor the sales books, as well as which materials and items have gone into the creation of Trinkets’ customer products.  He then must personally call in the orders for what the store needs and occasionally make payment in person for these items.  To keep himself from going completely insane, he does use his magic abilities to cast scribe spells and summon assistant spirits to help him along.


Human Enchanter

A master’s degree graduate of Georgetown’s Thaumetic Studies program, Autumn ultimately shyed away from lucrative positions of eager megacorporations, instead answering a help wanted ad posted by Trinkets and settling in to her sedentary position as an enchantress.  Autumn’s work is top grade and custom orders from high paying customers usually go through her.  While quiet and reserved at work, she is a hard core frequenter of the city’s underground magical club scene, occasionally showing up late for work with a mystical hangover, but quick to snap back into good form and work late to fulfill the needs of the store.


Human Enchanter

Lokena’s primary function is to ready the materials, potions, circles and so on that Autumn uses to enchant her items.  Often relegated to a ritual room in the basement, she takes her lower position in stride and tries to glean every bit of knowledge she can from Autumn as she performs her feats.  Soft spoken and kind, Lokena often appears to be nearing exhaustion as she not only tries to keep up with Autumn’s requests, but also works on the lower priority projects assigned to her by Rex.  She does occasionally engage in ‘side projects’ designed to boost her energy, a practice Rex tolerates, though on more than a few occasions it has resulted in her being sent home to get some real rest.


Troll Alchemist

Master of the other half of the basement, Park can make just about anything turn into just about anything else.  Getting up in his years, Park’s work area is equipped with a bathroom and a hammock (a BIG hammock) and the only time anybody really sees him is when he goes out for food.  One look into his sunken, piercing green eyes gives the impression that he has been through a lot in his life and few realize they’re looking at the reconstructed face of a man whose old profession generated magical weapons that killed thousands.