Mrs. Ballistic

Archetype: Human Gun Shop Owner

If you want an off the shelf, out of the box firearm without all the specializations that turn it from a toy into a runner’s weapon, you go to Weapons World.  For everything else, there’s Ballistic.  Mrs. Ballistic went from peddling hold out pistols on a street corner to owning her own runner-centric store and amassed the contacts needed to get just about any weapon her customers’ might need. A tough negotiator, Mrs. Ballistic rarely budges when it comes to price because she knows that all of her weapons, including those you could swoop up at Weapons World, have been thoroughly tweaked and tested.  In her mid-50s, with short cropped hair and two bullet scars on her forehead (the result of a robbery attempt years earlier) Mrs. Ballistic is initially very suspicious of first time customers to her store. Though careful not to trample the anonymity one would expect from a store like hers, Mrs. Ballistic does have a few psychologically oriented questions she uses to keep out the psychotic and truly evil.


Archetype: Human Gun Shop Employee

While Mrs. Ballistic tends to handle the white and gray area weapons, Scattergun’s expertise is decidedly in the black (sorry, still no cannons and launchers).  Assuming a customer makes it past the owner in the first place, as well as having the necessary street cred, the customer may be invited into the “back room”, a maze of hallways which could be easily mistaken for a museum.  Any weapons currently available will be displayed back there, secured behind bullet proof glass, from which they will only be removed for test firing - and for a ¥75 per weapon ‘testing’ fee - should a potential customer wish to try the weapon in a specialized range kept separate from the main one. Ballistics can get away with charging this kind of toll because of they will go to the ends of the earth to make sure nothing you buy leads back to them, or even you.  After providing whatever assistance you may need, Scattergun, a former cop, will coordinate with their decker and to make sure the gun purchase is neat, clean and untraceable.


Archetype: Human Firearms Armorer

An expert at tweaking and testing stock firearms, Deadman has been shot 23 times if you count all the times that a gun has blown up in is (now cybernetic) hands.  With a perpetually vacant stare and hands that seem to move at a thousand kilometers per hour, his monotonous job is essential to Ballistic’s reputation and he knows that for every gun that’s blown up in his face, he’s saved a runner or mercenary from it occurring in battle.


Archetype: Ork Firearms Armorer

Anvil could probably make a Twinkie smartgun capable if he felt like it and handles everything from said smartgun conversions to artistic engravings (which you would pay an absolute shit-ton for because he does it in his spare time.)  Anvil’s giddy nature sometimes creates an obstacle when he has to sit down and actually work on a gun, and Mrs. Ballistic is constantly chasing him back to his work room when he tries engaging in conversation with customers.  Thankfully for his continued employment he is very good at what he does.


Archetype: Human Decker

Deckwarrior used to have a pretty cushy job up until Ballistic started dealing in forged permits.  Now she’s regularly dodging Black ICE to cram false data into the corners of law enforcement datastores in addition to her normal workload of covering the trail of purchased firearms.  Holed up in the basement of the store, Deckwarrior rarely leaves, resulting in a dump of an office, the appropriation of an old storage closet for sleeping, as well as a severe weight problem.