Blackjack's People #136
Street Name Smackdown
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@sr_blackjack]

Posted: 2018-11-16

Mr. Teeth

Archetype: Elf Showman

Itís bound to happen every once in a while: Two toughs are going to choose the same street name.  It was Mr. Teeth who finally found a way to capitalize on the issue, creating an entire underground fighting network dedicated to resolving such conflicts.  Flamboyant, eccentric and just plain loud, Mr. Teeth reigns over the proceedings with energetic play by plays and enough street cred that his fights can solidify the winnerís place as the nameís true owner, while smashing the livelihood of the loser.  Should he arrive at your door with his thugs and a summons you to fight, the only other choice is to get out of town and start rebuilding your rep from scratch.


Archetype: Ork Thug

Intended more for intimidation that throwing a punch, Bully does have an awesome affinity for grappling and subduing.  And while nobody is every physically dragged to the completion, during a fight Bully and a few of his pals are always at the exit, ready to toss a fighter back into the fray.  He speaks very little, dresses in a black armored suit, and carries a variety of stun and gel weapons.


Archetype: Human Mage Sorcerer

Some may consider Spite little more than a human special effect and, well, those people are right.  While she does carry a combat spell or two, her main purpose is to look flashy and menacing, while really casting downgraded versions of Sparke.  During a match, she will be found standing alongside Mr. Teeth, occasionally tossing a power stunted Glitter spell into the cage if things get too boring.  She, too, wears a black armored suit and carries an Ultra-Power should she ever need to do some actual damage.


Archetype: Human Former Mercenary

Furyís job is to strip the contestants of any weapons or armor, minus armored clothing (thank God) before they enter the arena.  He is very outgoing and is excellent at using etiquette and compassion to calm the contestantís down before a fight.  Of only mediocre built, Fury will openly admit that most his missions involved very little heavy lifting, as he primarily acted as a weapons operator on gunships.  Quick with a joke and a teaspoon of sympathy, Fury still takes his mundane job seriously and deals with reluctant or unruly contestants with a cattle-prod to the ass, delivered swiftly by his reflex and agility modifications.

[PC NAME] #1

Archetype: Human Gang Member

A mediocre gang member who suddenly found himself in the possession of a shit load of money, #1 went right for the wired reflexes big time.  Squirrely, cocky and really, really fast, #1 has excellent melee combat skills, with absolutely no muscle behind the hits.  This stick figure likes to go for low blows and quick shots to the face as he dances around like a freak.  A crowd favorite despite the fact that heís lost a half dozen street names, a single good punch is often enough to lay the fucker out.

[PC NAME] #2

Archetype: Troll Courier

Sometimes a rare and wonderful thing occurs when three street types end up with the same names at the same time.  #2 is not a fighter.  His sole purpose in life is to ferry large and heavy objects from point A to point B in his beat up Toyota Gopher.  #2 isnít exactly married to the name, has very little street rep, and really just wants to win the fight so he doesnít have to change the name on his underwear tags.  Extremely slow and not especially bright, #2 just has faith that if he does land a punch, itís gonna hurt like hell.