Archetype: Human Crime Syndicate Lieutenant

His boss and associates planning a major heist, Control has been placed in charge of generating a communications dead zone over and around the targeted location.  An electronics and communications expert, she has constructed four devices which, when placed on specified rooftops (half of which are on unoccupied building), will knock out communications for several minutes, buying valuable extra time for the crime. Though not taking place in the actual heist, it is Control’s job to make sure the system is in place.  Control is technologically intelligent, and while she has some street smarts as well, people who meet her will get the overall impression that she’s thinking about something else.  The fact that she is constantly taking notes on her commlink (Control is terrified of cyberware) doesn’t help.

Cornelious Denoso

Archetype: Human Security Guard

Cornelious likes things simple, and tends to perceive things as simple, so when he and his partner run into the runners in Building #1, he may just short circuit a bit.  In his late 50s, and slowing down despite his reflexes and implants, the Rating B building Cornelious and his partner protects rarely sees any crime bigger than a breaking and entering and the occasional domestic dispute.  This has never stopped him from carrying around his trusty Colt Cobra, although he’s only had to pull it out a handful of times.  The Warhawk, however, and seen sunlight plenty.

Evan Anderson

Archetype: Elf Physical Adept

Constantly bitching about how his talents are being wasted, but too lazy to do anything about it, Evan would be an excellent fighter if he’s just get the stick out of his ass and train.  So just because he has power doesn’t mean he, you know, has power.  Also cocky and loud, the only reason he has the security gig at all is because his wealthy parents tossed him out and he burned through his trust fund.  The only weapon he carries is a light pistol, with which he couldn’t hit the side of a barn built for elephants.


Archetype: Dwarf Squatter

The lone occupant of the third building (there isn’t anybody in the second) is Pit, a squatter and war veteran who would be harmless were it not for the LMG.  Pit just wants people to leave him alone in his rooftop ‘paradise’, and will scream at any intruders, only threatening gunfire if they don’t leave.  Immediately.  Thankfully, he’s a terrible shot, his body and strength degraded by his living conditions to the point that he can barely lift the gun.


Archetype: Troll Thug

Hired on at the last minute by an agent undercover in Control’s organization, Muscle’s only job is to hide until the runners have finished and then smash the disruption device, probably with his lead filled baseball bat.  If caught, Muscle will try to buy time and a distraction by challenging one of the runners to a one on one fight, hopefully getting into a position conductive to whacking the device with his bat.  Failing this, he will try to toss a grenade at it and then rappel off the side of the building.  Failing, THAT Muscle will simply give up and try to get the hell out of there before the runners start asking questions about how he knew they would be up there in the first place.