Archetype: Human Technomancer

Incredibly powerful and the leader of the Technomancer group known as Camelot, Insight has honed her skills to the point that she can hack the very core of a person’s DNI, and even beyond it.  She views the brain as nothing but an extension of the electrical pulses that allow a DNI or Simrig to seamlessly operate with a person’s mind and senses.  Depending on the circumstances, and the effectiveness of her highly protected library of complex forms, she can read thoughts, invoke confusion, plant memories and even pilot some weaker minds as one would a drone.  Basically, she can hack your motherfucking brain.

Tall, elegant and beautiful, Insight roams the halls of a veritable palace that has been built within the guise of a dilapidated building.  She loves garish robes, stylish jewelry and craves sex, although someone who rises to the standards she demands may be disappointed once they find the act doesn’t involve any physical contact.  She does, however, have the weakness of ego, sometimes toying with people’s minds simply because she can and not out of any greater purpose or mission.  She does not rely entirely on her Technomancer skills for protection, however, and neither does the rest of her team.  All are highly trained and utterly devastating with heavy pistols.


Archetype: Human Technomancer

Charged with the maintenance and protection of Camelot’s headquarters, Sanctum commands a fleet of drones, specializing in complex forms that allow him to act in much the same way as a rigger.  Older, regal and sporting a thick, white beard, he greets visitors and, while not as thoroughly as Insight, does his best to glean the true intentions of their guests.  Should a true meat body arrive, devoid of a DNI, he will usually call on Pulsar to perform a more physically thorough survey of the individual.  And should things get out of hand, Sanctum has hidden sentry weapons covering every square inch of the compound, with the exception of Insight’s chamber.


Archetype: Elf Technomancer

Still in training, the young Maiden is often prey to distracting flights of fancy, living in a cocoon of Arthurian influence, complete with flowered crowns and long blond hair that drops to the floor.  Despite these interferences, Insight recognizes that she may be able to harness power even beyond her own, and hopes that Maiden will reach an aspiration that even she has yet to achieve: The ability to kill someone through Technomancy.  Temperamental and perhaps even a bit spoiled, when Maiden goes into a rage it can actually interfere with the work of Technomancers around her, disrupting the resonance and causing general disarray with the threads running through it.  As with the other Coven members, Maiden is trained in the use of heavy pistols, showing a higher aptitude than most at operating them.


Archetype: Ork Technomancer

Kept around primarily because at least somebody in Camelot should be able to beat somebody up, Pulsar is aware of his place and shows no ill will towards those who have placed him there.  Having no particular desire to stick with the Camelot aesthetics of the headquarters, Pulsar sports heavy armor, needle tipped tusks and a body sleeve of tattoos.  His quarters is filled with heavy weaponry, explosives, melee weapons and seemingly endless supply of ammunition.  Still trained in Technomancy, his low enthusiasm is as such that he will probably never achieve any real power.  Nobody really minds this as long has he has his assault cannon ready should the time ever come that they need it.


Archetype: Dwarf Technomancer

Less interested in the working of Technomancy on the brain, Outworld has his attention tuned into the world outside of Camelot, keeping track of events and communications that may affect the group in either a positive or negative way.  He then feeds this information into the headquarters’ well protected host for convenient access by his fellow members and any hired outside Technomancers and deckers (the latter two of which are given very limited access).  Outworld absolutely loves the Arthurian motif of the headquarters, having crowned himself king and who can usually be found dressed in robes and sitting in a throne he had installed in the sitting room.  He has allowed his beard to grow past his feet and occasionally verbally dictates the commands he sends his sprites and complex forms in grandiose fashion.


Arechetype: Human Technomancer

Temper was an up and comer in Camelot until he fucked up and tried to let some protected information out of their host.  Scrawny and barely 18, Temper fell victim to Camelot’s primary (and not very Camelotish) form of tribunal: The Die.  A seemingly simple six sided die, the cube actually houses a host filled with an array of ‘loyalty tests’ designed to weed out members whose intentions may harm the group.  After the tests are completed, the die is physically rolled and should it land on a one, the member is deemed to be a ‘glitch’ and a powerful thread (the construction of which is not entirely understood even by Insight) is launched from the die (through the resonance) that draws out a majority of the person’s mind, leaving only their vital functions operational.  The bodies of Temper and others who fell before him are kept in a special chamber in the basement dedicated to storing those that have been “reformatted” by the die.  The die itself uses the information gathered to further improve the test.

Insight has never revealed the source of the die, nor how an act in the resonance could be reflected in the real life roll.  In addition, she has kept to herself the fact that the die is getting ‘smarter’.